EDV Result 2018 2019 With Name List!!!

EDV Result 2018 2019

EDV result 2018 2019 third and fourth list is available here. So you can check the name list from EDV Result 2018 2019 third and fourth list.

EDV Result 2018 2019

Therefore it is very easy for the people to find their name over here. Similarly they are free from lengthy procedure to find the EDV result. At the same time the other neighboring people will also know about the victory of their neighbors.

Other ways to see EDV Results 2018 2019

The best and easy way is to check the name list from the edv result 2018 2019 given here. Beside this you can check the EDV Result for the state government website. This website is www.dvlottery.state.gov. So using this website also you can check the EDV Result 2018 2019.

<<Easy To Find EDV Result Here >>

Items Needed to Check the EDV Result

The following details are needed to find the EDV result in the state government website.

  • Conformation number
  • Date of birth
  • Family name

What is conformation?

Conformation number is the number given to you during the application of EDV 2018 2019. So to check the result of EDV 2018 the first four digits of your conformation number must be 2018. Similarly for the result of EDV 2019 the first four digits are 2019.

Conformation Number lost!!!

It is common that sometime we may lose the conformation. Sometime though it was in printed form we may misplace it. So, what to do in such cases? People are found panic in such moments. You need not to be much worried in such case. You can even check your EDV 2018 2019 Result in the absence of conformation number.

So in the page of www.dvlottery.state.gov there is one option in the dialogue box. Click on conformation number lost option. Then follow the instruction given there. Hence in such way we can find the edv result even in the absence of conformation number.

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