Nepal Army Officer Cadets Online Preparation Class

nepal army officer cadets

Nepal army has announced total vacancy of 100 Nepal officer cadets. Here we are going to present a compact preparation manual for this Nepal Army Officer Cadets. If you are preparing for this Nepal army officer cadets it can be much helpful for your preparation.

Scholarship Notice 

Curriculum of Nepal Army Officer Cadets

According to the information given in the Gorkhapatra National daily the curriculum for Nepal army officer cadets’ written exam will be as follow. Here is the details of online job application.

  1. Multiple choice IQ question of time period of 30 minutes.
  2. Written exam is as given below.
  3. English language test exam based on certificate level or plus two level. It will be of two hours and thirty minutes.
  4. Nepali language test exam it is also based on proficiency certificate level or plus two. It is also of two hours and thirty minutes.
  5. Mathematics subject written exam will be based on SLC curriculum. Time for this exam is also two hours and thirty minutes.
  6. General Knowledge paper will consist of multiple choice questions of one hour and fifteen minutes.

Nepal Army Officers Cadets Mathematics Questions

The written exam as mentioned above will be conducted by Public Service Commission Nepal.

N.B: The candidates successful in IQ test are eligible for written round examination.

Job Notice for Nepal Army Officers

Sample Questions for IQ test

1. What comes next?

A, C, E,?

i)D          ii) F          iii) G         iv) H

2.Find the fourth one.

BC, EF, HI …

i) JK          ii) JL           iii) KL          iv) MN

3.ACE, BDF, CEG, —-

i) DEF         ii) DFH                 iii)DEH                 iv)DHI

Answer: 1] iii       2] iii     3] ii

  1. Find the odd one out?
  2. Tiger         b) bear       c) lion         d) deer
  1. a) Nepal      b) Bhutan   c) Afghanistan     d) Shrilanka
  1. a) Laligurans b)Danfe      c)Cow         d)Rhino

Answer: 4) deer            5) Shrilanka         6) Rhino

  1. If the code for EXAM is DWZL what is code for CITY?

a)BUSY       b)BHSX       c)BEST        d)BIMA

  1. HARI is the code of JCTK what will be the code for MARY?

a)NATK       b)OCTZ       c)OCTA       d)KTNA

Answer: 7) b    8) c

Arrange in order

  1. Advertisement, exam, pass, application, oral exam
  2. Jaanma, mirtu, malami, bibaha, shraddha

The links of mathematics and English question is given above.

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