Nepal Army Officer Cadets Math Questions

Nepal Army Officer Cadets Math Questions

Here is Nepal Army Officer Cadets Math Questions. Basically this Nepal Army Officer Cadets Math Questions is for open competition candidates.

There are four subjects in the written exam of Nepal army officer cadets. These four subjects are Mathematics, English, Nepali and general knowledge. We have separate article for English questions. So here we give mathematics model questions.

Nepal Army Officer Cadets Math Questions

According to the curriculum of mathematics there will be 13 multiple choice questions. These 13 questions are of 0.5 marks each. Similarly there will 3 subjective questions. These subjective questions carry 2 marks each. So in such way the total full marks for mathematics is 12.5.

Mathematics Curriculum of Army Officer Exam


Universal set /Subset /Union /Intersection


Time and work

Profit and loss

Simple interests and compound interests


Area of triangles, quadrilaterals and circles

Volume and surface area of sphere, cylinder and cuboid


Simplification of algebraic expressions

Solution of simultaneous linear equations and quadratic equation


Theorems on triangles and parallelograms

Relation between the central and the circumference angles on the same arc of a circle

Construction of triangles and quadrilaterals


Area of a triangle from Sine Law

Problems on heights and distances


Problems on mean, median and mode of discrete data


Problems on probability of single events

Mathematics Model Questions


  1. If U = {1, 2, 3, ………, 10}, P = {multiples of 2 less than 11}, Q = {factors of 8 less than 10} and

             R={first five even numbers}, find  and represent it in a Venn diagram.

  1. In a survey of some people, it was found that 60 people like to drink milk, 40 do not like to drink milk, 70 like to drink tea, 15 like tea but not milk. Using Venn diagram, find the number of students who do not like to drink both of them.


  • 16 men can finish 1 work in 30 days. When should 8 men leave the work so that it may finish in 40 days?
  • A watch is sold at Rs.4140 after allowing 10% discount on the marked price and adding 15% VAT. Find the discount and VAT amount.
  • At a certain rate of yearly compound interest, a sum of money amounts to Rs.66550 in 3 years and Rs.73205 in 4 years. Find the rate of interest and sum.


  • A rectangular field is three times as long as its breadth. A path of uniform width 2m is running outside the field. If the cost of plastering the path at the rate of Rs.16 per m2 is Rs.1536, find the area of the             rectangular field.
  • A square room contains 180m3 of air. It costs Rs.2400 to plaster 4 walls of the room at the rate of Rs.20 per m2. Find the height of the room.
  • Find mean from the given data:
Marks 10 20 30 40 50 60
No. of students 3 8 5 10 7 2

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