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hello sarkar nepal

Hello Sarkar Nepal Hello Government Nepal

Hello Sarkar Nepal is the government platform. It is the facility of the Nepal government to the public to receive the suggestion and comments of the people. It forwards the comments and suggestion given by the public to the respective area.

How to Contact Hello Sarkar?

Hello Sarkar Nepal service has helped the public a lot. Similarly it forwards the suggestions of public to the related authority. It is also heard that Hello Sarkar service has help many people to solve their long term deadlock problems.

There are several ways to contact hello Sarkar as mention above. So you can choose the one which one is appropriate to you. The concern related to ministries of Nepal, different departments under these ministries and other district level offices can be put forward in the Hello Sarkar service.

Nepal Government Ministries Notices

Advantage of Hello Sarkar

Hello Sarkar Nepal is a great privilege to the Nepali people. Nepali people can put forward their problems directly to the concern authority. This practice has given great positive impact to the Nepali people.

Due to this hello Sarkar service voice of voice less people can be taken to the related offices. So the stake holders became more active after the implementation of this service by the government.

It is the great opportunity to the Nepali people. Sometime people are misusing this Hello Sarkar service. It is our kind suggestion to all the users of this service not to miss uses it.

However in some cases people are not aware of this Hello Sarkar service. It is the responsibility of all Nepali citizens to inform all the neighboring people about Hello Sarkar. Therefore, Relay such message to the community as well.

At last but not the least we hope this service given by Nepal government will bring many positive changes in the life of Nepali people.

Let’s use this service properly for the benefits of society and nation rather than personal benefits.

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