Vacancy Open in Dubai Police !!!

How to Join Dubai Police Force

Dubai is the emerging economic hub in south east Asia. Hence UAE government is looking for multilingual Police Force for Dubai. Hence, we are answering the question “How to Join Dubai Police Force?”

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What you need to be a UAE Police?

United Arab Emirates is a safe and stable country with low crime rate. However, to manage the growing population it requires police force. Dubai police force job is very much competitive and standard. The candidates have to pass tough selection process for this job.

Requirements for Dubai Police Cadets

The Dubai police force applicant must meet the following requirements. Beside this we will be talking about Dubai Police Force officer job requirements. Well for the moment let know who are eligible for emirates police force.

Can Nepali Join Dubai Police Force

Yes they can. But they must meet the minimum criteria for the job. Details find from the link above.

The Dubai Police Force Candidates must have:

  • Minimum high school degree academic qualification
  • You must be the resident of UAE for the last five years
  • Age must be between 18 to 27 years.
  • Meet the physical fitness criteria

What you need to know before joining Dubai Police?

All the interested candidates must know at least this much information before joining the police force. Basically, UAE government does not enroll non-UAE resident in the police officer post. But the permanent resident of UAE can apply for the junior police cadets.

Different Ways to Join Dubai Police job

You can apply for the Dubai police force job when you are studying the school level. Similarly, you can apply for the Emirates police force when you are in the college. The vacancy varies from state to state of the Emirate.

The salary and other benefits are lucrative for UAE police force.

How to Join UAE Police Force?

You can join the UAE police force simply meeting the basic requirements and completing the application form. Just visit your nearest police station in the Emirates. There you can collect the job application form. Fill it properly. Submit the required documents together with the application form.

Written Exam Test

You have to pass the written exam to join Dubai police force. It basically consists of the questions related to the laws of United Arab Emirates.

Psychology Test Exam

All the candidates willing to join police force in UAE must undergo the psychological test exam. It means you have to go through the test of your psychology.

Finally, you have to face the physical fitness test. Once you passed the physical fitness test then you have to go through interview. Interview is very much crucial. The interviewers check your all kinds of activities within limited period of time.

Becoming Police inspector in Dubai

If you have served as police officer in UAE then you will be eligible to apply for the Police inspector. You age must not exceed 23 for the promotion as police inspector in UAE. Similarly, you must have served minimum 3 years as police officer in UAE.

How to Join UAE Police Force: Conclusion

Joining the UAE police force is an opportunity. It is very much attractive job in terms of salary and other benefits. Hence if you meet the criteria for the UAE police force job then you can easily serve as UAE police in Emirates.

At last, but not the least we want to suggest all the willing candidates to collect the first-hand knowledge from the official website of UAE government for further details.

We are not the agent to recruit the people in UAE police force. We have simply shared the information that we have got. It is the duty of the interested candidates to find more in this topic.

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