How to Join France Army Job !!!

How to Join France Army Job

Welcome to the information page on How to Join France Army Job. Citizens from all over the world can join French Foreign Legion.

Vacancy for French Army

Get the details about the French Army Job Vacancy from here.

How to Join France Army Job

Here we discuss on the selection and recruiting process for the French Army Foreign Legion. Please note that the only way to join France Army job is to know the door of French Foreign legion recruiting office in the mainland France.

How to Join France Army Job

Requirements for France Army Job

The candidates must fulfill the following requirement to join French Army job.

  • Candidates must be 17.5 to 3.5 years of age
  • Valid passport
  • Verified copy of your birth certificate
  • Not wanted by Interpol
  • Physically fit and fine
  • Able to read and write in your native language
  • Having BMI 18 – 30

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What does not Matter to Join France Army Job

The following points does not matter for your enrollment as French Army.

  • Your citizenship
  • Academic qualification
  • Your race
  • French Language knowledge
  • Your religion does not matter
  • Social status
  • Your professional status does not matter

French Army Entry Test

You have to face the following tests to join France army job.

  • IQ Test
  • Personality Test

Sports Test

You need to meet the minimum requirements of the sports test. Like you must be able to swim 25 meters without any support. Similarly running and pull up push up are some testing skills.

What you Have to Take with you

Carry the following items while remaining in the selection centers in France.

  • All documents as mentioned above.
  • Three T shirts, three shorts and 3 Paris socks.
  • One pair running shoes
  • About 50-euro cash
  • Personal care items like soap, tooth brush, tooth paste towel etc.

No French Language to Join France Foreign Legion

This is group of Foreigners in French Army Force. Hence to join French Foreign Legion it is not necessary to learn French language. If you are able to read and write in your native language that will be enough.

There is no any other way to join French Army job. No Online Application. No CV no cover letter nothing else.

French Embassy in your country has no role in this selection process. You must approach to the selection office.

Joining Foreign Legion: Introduction  

The French Foreign Legion accepts the recruits all over the world. There is no and dead line for the job application. It is open 7 days in a week and twenty-four hours the office is open. Similarly, the selection process goes on through out the year. Hence you must not be worried that I am late for the job application.

As are supposed as a single though you are married. Similarly, the contract period for the job is 5 years. It is mandatory to serve as French Army for minimum five years after you signed the job contract.

Selection Process of France Army

The selection process begins after you submit your passport in the recruiting office in France. This selection process goes for 3 weeks. During the selection period the candidates will get accommodation, food and clothing from the French Legion selection office.

Finally, if you have any confusion about the selection process and other related issues about the French Foreign Army unit then contact us.

Our Experts team will reply your question within one working day.

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