US Working Visa for 2024

H1B Work Permit Visa for USA

Every year the state government provides 85 thousand H1B Work Permit Visa for USA. How to participate this lottery program?

USA Working Visa job for Nepali

It is a kind of lottery program. Here are the steps to take part in this lottery program. Just give one minute to read this article and get the details.

We give all the details about the working visa application procedure for America in this post.

85 thousand Working Visa Lottery for America

Every year the US department of labor provides 85 thousand H1B visa for the migrant workers. Let’s us now learn about the qualification and application process of this work permit visa.

H1B Work Permit Visa for USA

 US based companies can enroll migrant workers under H1B visa. However, such companies must meet the American labor act to take foreign workers. Ok let us now discuss who are eligible for H1B working visa job in US. People are scared while talking about working visa job for America. They hardly believe on it. Well, pay couple of minutes to go through this article.

We give you details on the application process with proof. It is free to apply for work permit visa job in USA. But you must meet the criteria for the job application.

Who are eligible for H1B Visa?

All individuals are not eligible for working visa job in USA. The applicants must be at least bachelor degree holder. If you have masters or PhD qualification that is advantage. Among 85 thousand migrant workers 65 thousand are Bachelor degree holders. Among all the applicants of H1B visa 65 thousand will be randomly selected like the lottery. Remaining 20 thousand workers will be chosen from Master’s degree or above qualified candidates.

More details you have to verify your documents from the official website of the state government.

Different Types of Working Visa in USA

This is just a type of working visa. Beside this the US government offers several other visas which will let you to live and work in America. We have several articles on working visa job in USA. Hence you can read about it from our previous articles.

How to Apply for H1B Visa from Nepal?

You cannot directly apply for H1B visa. There might be confusion about it. If some individuals or agents ask for money to send you America under H1B visa be aware of it. The most important thing for the work permit visa application for America is job offer letter. Your employer in America must send you the job offer letter to begin the working visa i.e., H1B visa.

Steps for Work Permit Job for USA from Nepal

  • Search the online job vacancy for America
  • Apply for the vacant post
  • Receive the job offer letter from your employer
  • The employer will be responsible for the petition application on behalf of employee
  • Verify your documents from the official page of US department of labor

There are no any other options beside this for H1B visa from Nepal.

How long Can You Work Under H1B Visa

This visa is for three years. However, it can be extended for the next three months. Within this period of time the applicant can process for the Green Card that is permanent resident card. If you are already in USA then for H1B visa you do not have to face the visa interview. But if you are outside America then you have to face the visa interview.

Unskilled Working Visa Job

There job opportunity for the unskilled workers in USA. But to live and work in USA you must have work permit visa. So, to get the working visa of any category you need job offer letter from your employer. Rest of the procedure is same as skilled worker’s visa.

Seasonal Working Visa in USA

The next popular working visa for America is seasonal working visa. It is for six months only. During the agriculture harvesting season there is shortage of labor. So, to fulfill this demand the state government allow the private companies to intake migrant workers. This seasonal working visa is one time visa. That is, it is single entry visa.

Similarly, you can get the same seasonal visa next time in your life. No one is allowed to apply for the American seasonal working visa twice in his or her life time.

DV Lotter a Unique Program of USA

Every year state government provides 50 thousand green under diversity visa lottery program. Citizens from eligible nations can apply for the lottery. It is completely random selection process. Computer software select the DV winners from all the eligible nations.

EDV 2025 application is now over. The state government will publish the EDV result in the first week of May every year. The confirmation number is required to check the online dv lottery result. The official page for the EDV result is

Finally, if you have any questions about the working visa job for America contact us. This is simply a guide for work permit job in USA. More than this you have explore from the official website of American government.

This information given over here might not be enough. Therefore, it is the obligation of the candidates to find additional knowledge via online sources.

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