Grade Ten Social Studies Board Exam Questions

grade ten social studies

Grade ten Social Studies board exam questions. These questions are much helpful for the board exam preparation.

Both teachers and students will find it useful to them. In grade ten social studies is one of the tough subjects for the students.

Grade Ten Social Studies Questions

Class: 10

Subject:  Social Studies

Attempt all the questions.

Group: ‘A’ (8×1=8)

  1. Complete the following table.
Caste/ tribe Cultural festival


Ghatu Naach


Mention any one function of Transparency International.

  1. Mention any two tribes who line in Tropical Grassland Region.
  2. What sorts of changes have occurred now in the traditional lifestyle of people who live in polar region? Clarify with examples.
  3. Why is the election of 2051 BS called the mid-term election?
  4. In which place did the murder of crown prince couple of Austria take place?
  5. Mention any two provisions of Delhi Agreement.

Group: ‘B’

         Short answer questions: (14×4=56)

  1. Mention any four positive changes in Nepalese life after the Comprehensive Peace Accord – 2063.
  2. Mention any four importance of federal and regional administrative system in Nepal.
  3. Prepare a dialogue mentioning efforts made by the government to prepare the skilled man power.
  4. What is Deuki system? Write three problems created by Deuki system.
  5. Border management has become Nepal’s national issues. If you were the foreign minister, what would you do to solve border management problem? Mention any four ways to tackle border management disputes.
  6. Differentiate between equatorial and tropical monsoon climate on the basis of location, climatic condition, vegetation and economic activities.
  7. Explain the establishment of Nepal Red Cross Society and its contribution.

Answer the following questions:

  • What types of rivers are suitable for rafting?
  • Name the organs of the UNO and describe any one of them.
  • What sort of knowledge, skill and efficiency are needed to Nepalese to get prestigious job in abroad? Mention any four points.
  • Explain with points about contributions of social organizations to the Nepalese society working to prevent girls trafficking in Nepal.
  • ‘National Days reflect national unity’. Prepare a model of news to justify statement.

Draw a time line showing the date and events given below:

Asoj 2059 BS                 king Gyanendra dismissed the Prime Minister

Chaitra 2062 BS            People’s Movement II started

Baishakh 2064 BS         Electoin of 1st Constituent Assembly

Mangsir 2070 BS           Election of 2nd Constituent Assembly

  1. Name the hostile groups formed before the First World War and write the cause of their formation.

Group: ‘C’

         Write long answers to the following questions.

  1. Why are international tourists more important than domestic tourists? Write five reasons. What steps should be taken to attract tourists? Describe any four steps. (9)
  2. Draw a full page outline map of Nepal and insert the following facts in it. (3+6=9)
  1. Banepa – Baridibas Highway
  2. Jajarkot
  3. Saipal
  4. Annapurna Conservation Area
  5. Babai River
  6. Barahachhetra


Insert the following items in the given map of Africa.

  1. Drakensberg Range
  2. Tropic of Capricorn
  3. Madagascar
  4. Victoria Lake
  5. Cape town
  6. Namib Desert
  7. Atlas Mountain
  8. Red sea
  9. River Nile
  1. Draft a dialogue between two friends including major causes and consequences of Second World War. (9)


Write a short report on the visit that you made to a historical or religious place under the following headings:

  1. Introduction
  2. Objectives
  3. Methodology
  4. Findings
  5. Conclusion and recommendation
  1. Give the introduction of the ‘Universal Human Rights Declaration’ and mention its seven provisions. (2+7)

Set II

Class: 10                                                                                                                        Full Marks: 100

Subject:  Social Studies                                Time: 3 Hours                                         Pass Marks: 32

Attempt all the questions.

Group: ‘A’

            Very short answer question: (8×1=8)

  1. How is federalism different form decentralization of power? Write in one or two sentences.
  2. Prepare an anti-drug slogan to be used in a campaign to discourage drug addiction and drug trafficking.
  3. How are the 601 members of legislative Parliament (or the constituent assembly) selected?
  4. Draw the symbols used on a map to denote a river and a bridge.
  5. Tourism has developed well in Kenya and Tanzania. What could be the major attractions for tourist there?
  6. Why is 1st Poush, 2017 BS remembered as the ‘black day’ in the history of Nepal?
  7. ‘Delhi Agreement’ of 2007 was protested by some politicians. Was it appropriate or not? Give your view in once sentence.
  8. Name two countries each of the ‘Triple Alliance’ and ‘Triple Entente’ in the First World War.

Group: ‘B’

       Short answer questions: (14×4=56)

  1. Compare the life in central development region and in mid-western development region and show the major differences in four points.
  2. Do you see that eastern development region and western development region both can be tourist hubs in Nepal? Justify your views.
  3. Why is human resource essential for development? What should the government do to develop human resources in Nepal? Write in two points.
  4. Present the given gender related data in a suitable diagram. Give it an appropriate title.
S. No. Areas of employment Male Percent Female Percent
1 Civil Service 82 18
2 Teaching Profession 73 27
3 Security 89 11
  1. Write a letter to the UNESCO Nepal Director requesting to initiate the process of listing two more places that you think they deserve listing as the world heritage site. Give sufficient reasons why they should be included in the list.
  2. Do you realize that it is necessary to conserve our folk culture? Give your opinion with three suggestions.
  3. Who are refugees? How is Nepal connected with this problem? Write briefly.
  4. Why dowry system is considered as a social malpractice? Is it not a way to hand over some parental properties to daughter? Write your views in brief.
  5. Prepare a model of ‘Voter’s Identity Card’. How does it help to conduct fair and impartial election?
  6. Congo basins and Amazon basins are very sparsely population. Why?
  7. Draw an appropriate time line with dates to show the following historical events.
  • The historical referendum
  • The first general election in Nepal
  • Declaration of republic
  • Restoration of multi-party system
  1. Mention any two advantages that Nepal has been getting from foreign employment. To make it more systematic, what two suggestions would you like to give?
  2. Name any two UN specialized agencies and enumerate their objective and functions.
  3. Why is Nepal called a non-aligned country? How has it contributed to establish world peace?

Group: ‘C’

Grade Ten Social Studies Long answer questions: (4×9=36)

  1. Which organ of the state is commonly known as ‘government’? Write about constitutional provisions of forming a government in Nepal and explain briefly any three functions of government.
  2. Draw an outline map of Nepal and insert on it the following items:
  • Lake Foksundo
  • Gaurishankar
  • Dhangadhi
  • Kankai River
  • Areas of coffee cultivation
  • Gosaikunda


Insert the following items on the given outline map of North America:

  • Tropic of cancer
  • Caribbean Sea
  • Californian Peninsula
  • Bering Strait
  • Lake Superior
  • Mckinley
  • Hudson Bay
  • New York
  • Lawrence River
  1. Critically analyze the causes and consequences of Second World War.


You must have carried out a research work based on field visit of a place of historical importance. Present the main part of your report under the following subtitles:

  1. The title and the study area
  2. Objectives of the study
  3. Methodology
  4. Findings
  5. Conclusion/ suggestions
  6. Explain about the possibilities and present situation of tourism industries in Nepal. Suggest any three effective ways to make tourism a medium for poverty alleviation.

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