Class Five Social Studies Worksheets

class five social studies

Class five Social Studies questions. These questions are prepared highly experienced teachers. So for class five students it will be much helpful.

See class five social studies given below in detais.

Class: 5

Subject: Social Studies                                           Time: 30 minutes

Name: _______________________________                       Section: _____            Roll No: _____

Group ‘A’ class five social studies (Objective Questions)

1.         Fill in the blanks:                                                                                                          (10 x 0.5=5)

a.         A person who repairs motorbike  is called

b.          ——————–  is a person repairs water pipes.

c.         DDC helps in the __________________________of roads.

d.        Our village gets developed very fast if we get_______________________ of roads.

e.        _______________________________ region lies in the middle part of Nepal.

f.         The total area of Nepal is ____________________________.

g.        Bangladesh lies to the __________________of Nepal.

h.        The first Prime Minister of Nepal is _________________________.

i.          Moti Ram Bhatta has introduced___________________________ to the society.

j.          Pasang Lhamu Sherpa reached at the top of Mt. Everest in ____________BS.

2.         Write ‘True or False’ to the followings:                                                                                    (10×0.5=5)

a.     We should close the doors and windows before going out.                                   [           ]

b.     To torture someone calling a witch is a good practice.                                          [           ]

c.     Nepal is a beautiful garden of limited castes, languages and cultures.                 [           ]

d.    If there is conflict, there will be long-term peace in the society.                              [           ]

e.    The Himalayan region is colder than terai region.                                                  [           ]

f.     Sthunko was the first king of Gopal dynasty.                                                          [           ]

g.    Rai and Limbu are the descendents of Kirants.                                                      [           ]

h.    All rights of king were grasped by parliament on 4 Jestha 2063 BS.                      [           ]

i.      To write in the wall with chalk is a good habit.                                                        [           ]

j.      We should  keep books  and paper on their respective  place in the library.          [           ]

3.         Tick (  ) the correct answer of class five social studies         (10×0.5=5)

            a.      Which is the biggest continent of the world ?

                     i. Asia   [     ]                    ii. Africa   [        ]           iii. Australia       [           ]

            b.      Who is the last Rana prime minister  of Nepal ?

                     i.  Junga Bahadur Rana   [           ]]   iii. Mohan Shamsher [       ]  iii. Dev Shamsher [      ]

            c.      What is  a piece of land surrounded by water from all sides  called ?

                     i. Peninsula  [       ]          ii. Mountain  [       ]       iii. Island  [     ]

            d.      Which is the capital of U.S.A .?

                     i. Male [       ]                               ii. Washington D.C.  [       ]                   iii. Beijing [     ]

            e.      What is the instrument used to see distant objects called?

                     i. Telescope  [       ]         ii. Microscope  [       ]                           iii. Stethoscope  [     ]

            f.       Which is the largest island in the world?

                     i. Sri Lanka [       ]                        ii. Greenland [       ]                  iii. Japan [     ]

            g.      What is the currency of Great Britain?.

                     i. Yen [       ]                                ii. Dollar [       ]                          iii. Pound [     ]

            h.      Where does Gosainkunda lie ?

                     i. Mugu [       ]                             ii. Manang [       ]                      iii. Rasuwa  [     ]

            i.       What are the plants that need support to grow up called?

                     i. trees [       ]                              ii. Busses [       ]                       iii. Creepers [     ]

            j.       When was Nepal Olympic Committee formed ?

                     i. 1962 A.D. [       ]                                  ii 1942 A.D. [       ]                    iii. 1972 A.D.  [     ]

4.      Write ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ in the box  to answer the followings correctly.                   (10×0.5=5)

a.             Should we talk rudely with our neighbors?

b.            Can unknown people be our friends?

c.             Do males and females have equal rights according to the law?

d.            Are the national heritages our national properties?

e.            Is the soil found in Kathmandu valley called glacier soil?

f.             Does the Bangladesh lie to the south of Nepal?

g.            Is Dasti the last king of Mahispal dynasty?

h.            Is Amar Singh Thapa a warrior of Nepal?

i.              Do you thing use of national goods help to develop our country?

j.              Is a candle industry a large scale industry?

Class five social studies (Subjective Questions)

Give very short answer to the following questions.                                                     (10 x 1=10)

1.            Why did Ram Prabesh use to be proud of?

2.            What will happen when we tease and laugh at others?

3.            What do you mean by tradition?

4.            Make a list of any four languages spoken in your community.

5.            Write any two suggestions for making your society free from alcohol.

6.            What does reconciliation mean?

7.            Write a difference between right and duty.

8.            Name the first President and Prime Minister of the republic Nepal.

9.            Prepare a slogan which encourages the habit of using national products.

10.          Complete the following sentences.

We should …………………national products. If we use them our ……………will be developed.

Give short answer to the following class five social studies                                       (10 x 3=30)

11.          Complete the following table with the community work done by your friends in the village and city.

               Community works in village                    Community works in city
12.          What types of behaviour is called sympathetic behaviour? Make a list of any four examples of sympathetic behaviours.

13.          What do you mean by festival? Write any four major festivals celebrated in Nepal.

14.          Make a list of any three good deeds that you should do to be a great person of your district.

15.          What do you mean by blind imitation? How does a man learn it?

16.          “Right and duty are two sides of the same coin”. Explain with examples

18.          Draw the trees in evergreen forest and deciduous forest.

19.          What lesson do you get from Prithivi Narayan Shah, Balabhadra Kunwar and Bhanubhakta Acharya? Write one each.

20.          Why do more tourists visit hilly and Himalayan area of Nepal? Give any three reasons.

Answer to the following questions.                                                                                    (2 x 5=10)

21.          Draw an outline map of Nepal and show the Himalayan Region, Hilly Region and Terai Region in it.

22.          Make a list of any four major sources to know history and write about any two of them.

Set II

Class: 5                                                                                                                                    Full Marks: 75

Subject: Social Studies                              Time: 2 hours 15 minutes                                         Pass Marks: 30

Attempt all the questions.

1.         Fill in the blanks: (5×1=5)

a.         The person who sells goods/ items in a shop is called ________.

b.        It is true that a person does not become _________ or small by his or her caste.

c.         We should not follow the western culture in the name of _________ culture.

d.        Till the date, DDC is conducted under the coordination of ___________ officer.

e.         The hilly region lies in the ___________ part of Nepal.

2.         Rewrite the following statements and write ‘T’ for true or ‘F’ for false for statements: (4×1=4)

a.         District development committee manages drinking water projects.  (       )

b.        To get education is one of the rights of children.                                     (       )

c.         Our life and property are safe where there is theft and robbery.          (       )

d.        Our heritages are constructed for the present generation only.            (       )

3.         Match the following: (5×1=5)

a.     Gobre Salla, Dhupi        (       ) that lies in the south of Asia.

b.    Pacific ocean                    (       ) one of the sources of history

c.     Sri Lanka                          (       ) Satya Dharma Muchulka

d.    Inscription                        (       ) trees of hilly region

e.     Phalgunanda                   (       ) introduced the Nepal Sambat

                                                   (       ) that lies in the east of Asia.

4.         Very short questions: (10×1=10)

a.         What is the occupation of your father?

b.        Why do we invite our relatives and friends in festivals?

c.         Who keeps our community clean?

d.        What kind of person is popular in the society?

e.         What kind of behavior is ‘respecting the seniors and loving the juniors’?

f.         Define the religious festivals.

g.        Why is smoking considered as a bad habit?

h.         Why should we love and preserve our culture?

i.          Write the meaning of social organization.

j.          What percentage of land of Nepal does hilly region occupy?

5.         Answer the following short answer questions: (7×3=21)

a.     Why should we treat all the people equally? What will happen if we treat people in different ways?

b.    Why do people of the Himalayan region wear warm clothes all the year round?

c.     Write the differences between tropical evergreen forest and deciduous forest.

d.    What kind of soil is found in Kathmandu valley?

e.     Draw the symbols used to show river, mountain range and capital/ city in map.

f.     Draw a neat and clean globe.

g.    Draw a table and show the population of Nepal, Bangladesh and Bhutan in it.

6.         Class Five Social Studies Long Answers:

a.         Gopal dynasty is considered as the first dynasty to rule in Nepal. Write how it came to rule and how they ruled in     Nepal.

b.        Define the term ‘National Heroes’ and write in brief about Gautam Buddha and Araniko as our national heroes.

c.         Show the differences between head of the state and head of the government in the present context of Nepal.

d.        What do you mean by economic activities? Write the economic activities of Himalayan and Terai regions.

7.         Rewrite the following sentences with correct answers: (5×1=5)

a.     The people of Iran is called ____________.

b.    ___________ is the animal having the longest life span.

c.     The author of the ‘Old man and the sea’ is _____________.

d.    ____________ is the smallest planet in the solar system.

e.     ____________ is the headquarters of Mahakali zone.

8.         Answer the following questions

a.     Where is Lavkush Dairy industry situated?

b.    What is the total area of Phewa Lake?

c.     What is the local name of Davi’s fall?

d.    Where is Bindyabasini temple located?

e.     Name any 4 things that you saw in regional museum.

Class 5 Nepali Questions 


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