Generation Gap Today’s Problem

generation gap

Today generation gap is a hot issue.It was a time in Nepal when students could not approach near to the teachers.

What is Generation Gap in Nepal?

Students scare from the teachers. Students cannot talk to the teachers with their head straight up. They could not make eye contact with the teachers while talking with them. Teachers were just taken as all mighty of the students. Corporal punishment was the system of schooling at that time.

Effects of Generation Gap

Harder the punishment of the teacher stricter they were called. Some of the teachers at that time were famous throughout the districts due to their strictness. Hence teachers use to enter the class with long stick made of cane.

At that time perhaps teachers were unknown about child psychological and student counseling. In some cases students who could not tolerate teacher’s punishment were compelled to leave the school.

Generation Gap Today’s Problem

Now the time has changed. Today schools are free from corporal punishment. Students are free from tear and fear in the schools. Concept of child friendly education has already been introduced in Nepal also.

Problems in the Family

In place of physical penalty to the students psychological counseling is given nowadays. There are counselors in schools for the improvement of students’ academic level. Government of Nepal is also focusing for child friendly education.

Together with the age gap between teachers and students its reflection is sometime seen in way of thinking and dealing. In some cases this gap also called generation gap creates problems.

There a big challenge for the teachers to manage students of multi culture and societies. At the same time the generation gap is the next hurdle. Students in a class are of different economic status and family ground.

This diversity in a class is to be managed by the teacher of a big generation gap. This generation gap is a huge challenge of the existing teacher. If teachers cannot update themselves as time is changing rapidly they may not be capable for dealing today’s students.

The generation gap cannot be eliminated but we should adjust our self-according to the demand of time.

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