How to Maintain Unity in Diversity ???

earth diversity

Unity is the major factor on the earth diversity. It is a small component of the universe but in itself it is the universe. High peaks, low bays, Antarctica, Aziza, a mosquito, an elephant etc are found on the earth. Really earth is full of unprecedented diversity. Previously our ancestor used to roam alone in the forest. Later, a piece of meat chewed with a single pair of molars became tasteless, flowers blooming through a single heart became odorless and melody flown through a single piano became meaningless.

These gave our ancestors the lesson of “unity ……” and something more within full stop. Afterwards, few caves bounded them together, few shades put them strong and few steps approached together made them parallel to destination. For this, today too, we utter that unity is strength.

Unity in Earth Diversity

Earth, the home of seven billion heads is composed of different minds, varied feelings and different life styles. We are different by religion, race and culture. We are totally different in physical appearance. Despite this, we have a common feeling that we are humans. In a single word we introduce ourselves as humans. That is why when Syria gets painted with red blood; twin towers get banged. Jamim Shah is shot dead we find ourselves in poverty-stricken state. Then a word “unity” pops in our mind.

Petal and different shapes and sizes accumulate to form a rose. Also, a small fiber is carried by air but such fibers of different lengths combine together to form a rope which ties an element. In a sense, two hands work together for a clap. Any way all the voices express the same sentiment “unity in diversity.” An “I” is negligible for the world but multiplication of “I” is the world.

Unity of scholars and gentlemen make a school. Several arms together make army. Also, unity of individuals makes the country. Therefore, unity is the basis of advancement in this diverged world. We do believe that a journey of thousand miles begins with a single step.

Therefore, if we unite today it helps the earth to remain cheerful for ages. Then mountains would remain tall for many centuries. The countries which have undergone turmoil would remain peaceful.

To conclude, the world of today does not dream of Hitler’s guns and swords leading to arrogance and disintegration. It commemorates Gandhi’s humble appeal for unity and brotherhood.

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