FIFA World Cup 2018 Russia

FIFA World Cup 2018 Russia

FIFA World Cup 2018 Russia will be held from June 14 to 15 July 2018. This time also there will be 32 teams for FIFA World Cup 2018 Russia. The qualifying round is almost in the end. Initially there were 209 teams for the qualification round. So after crossing many qualifying rounds only 32 teams will fix their road to Russia.

FIFA World Cup 2018 Russia Statistics

During this qualifying round there are altogether 871 matches. Till the date 766 match were played. So the match statistics is as follow.

Goals scored                                      2177

Average goals per match                   2.8

No of yellow cards                             2577

No of red cards                                  135

FIFA World Cup 2018 Russia Match Fixture

Here we will attach the match fixture for world cup football 2018. As soon as FIFA publish the schedule we will provide the detail information over here. The match starts from 14 June 2018. Soon the qualifying matches will over, FIFA will announce the match fixture for FIFA World Cup 2018 Russia.

Qualified Teams from Asia

Well there will be 4.5 teams from Asia for FIFA world cup 2018. So out of them 4 countries like Japan, South Korea, Iran and Saud Arabia are qualified for the world cup football 2018.

Composition of Countries from 6 Confederations

There are 6 confederations for the selection of countries in FIFA world cup football. These 6 confederations are Asia, Africa, Europe, North Central America and Caribbean, Oceania and South America. The distribution of countries from these confederations is as follow.

-Africa: 5

– Asia: 4.5

– Europe: 13

– North, Central America and Caribbean: 3.5

– Oceania: 0.5

– South America: 4.5

– Host: 1

Team from Different Confederations for Qualification

 Africa – 53

Asia – 46

Europe – 54

North, Central America and Caribbean – 35

Oceania – 11

South America – 10

According to the FIFA system the host country is automatically qualified for the match. well at this moment world is eagerly waiting for world cup football 2018.

So we will provide more current and fresh information regarding world cup football in the days to come.

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