US DV Winners From Nepal !!!

It is US DV Winners Name List. All of you know that the state government does not publish the dv lottery winners name list. We have collected this list via different media.

The DV Winners name list is at the end of this article.

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If you are not selected in the dv lottery do not worry. There are several other ways to live and work in America. One to them is the working visa in USA. There is acute shortage of labor in America.

Hence to fulfill this labor demand government provides working visa for the foreigners.  

US DV Winners Name List

This is list of DV winners from Nepal. Check your name carefully in this list. We have list of diversity visa lottery winners in our previous article. So just check our previous article in the topic DV winners from Nepal.

EDV Winners from Nepal

This year nearly 4000 people won the lottery from Nepal. It is similar to previous year. Every year around four thousand dv applicants used to get chance to move America. DV lottery is the easiest way to get green card for Nepali citizens.

However, there are several other ways to get permanent resident card in USA.

Like if you are able to make heavy investment in America you will get card directly. Beside this there more ways to get Green Card in USA. You can read details about it in our previous articles.

Working Visa in USA

The state government provides six months’ temporary working visa for seasonal workers. In peak hour of harvesting there is labor shortage. So to address this problem the government allows temporary works to migrate America. This can be useful for you. Learn more about it from

US Different Types of Work Permit Visas

As we mentioned above America has different categories of working visa. You choose the right visa according to your knowledge and skill. Never go after the fake agents. Time and often we hear about such incidents.

It is not the official page for American working visa application. Here we just provide the information about it. More you have to find from the official website of state government or the website of US embassy in your country.

Fulbright Scholarship for Teachers

This is very old program of United States of America. The Fulbright trust provides six weeks’ teachers visit to America. Nepali are eligible to participate in this program. Hence apply for this visa. If you are selected, then you can go for six in America.

Finally, if you have any question about the diversity visa lottery or US visa send it to us. Our team will give you free counselling on the issue.

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