US Working Visa Job Application !!!

US Working Visa from Nepal

Have you heard about USA Working Visa from Nepal? Yes, state government provides thousands of working visa for migrant workers.

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Take short eligibility test for US work permit visa. Just give 2 minutes and know about yourself. This will guide you to select the area of work.

Therefore, apply for the best matching job according to your knowledge and qualification.

USA Working Visa from Nepal

Last year American government provided 22 thousand additional visa for the migrant workers. Basically they are the temporary workers. There is shortage of labor in USA.

Hence to fulfill this gap government allow the private sector to hire foreign labors.

How to Apply Work Permit Visa?

Here are the steps for the work permit visa. Follow these steps for online job application.

  • Frist of all you need job offer letter from US employer.
  • So for this you have to make online job application.
  • The employer has to file the petition on behalf of the employee to the ministry of labor.
  • If the ministry of labor feel that it is necessary to take foreign workers it approves the file.
  • Now when you receive job offer letter with petition file you have to visit the US embassy or consular office in your home country.

We have many articles about it. Hence if you have any confusion please see our previous articles.

Temporary Working Visa

America provides temporary working visa of six months. This visa lets you to live and work in USA for six months. Basically this visa is for the agriculture sectors labor.

During the harvesting there is high demand of labor in agriculture sector. State government fulfills this demand for foreign labors.

Industrial Work Permit Visa

If any America based company did not find eligible manpower from the domestic market, then they can call for the foreign citizens. But each company must call the vacancy announcement for minimum one month in American labor market.

If the company did not find the applicant within this period, then only they can enroll foreign citizens as employee.

Online Job Application

Search the jobs in internet. Now if you find the appropriate one make online application. The employer will study your application and inform you. Though you are eligible or not but they inform you. This is very good American culture.

Beside this they may suggest you for the next area which might be effective according to your qualification.

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