SLC Examination In Details

SLC exam time table

SLC examination is very important for the students. Here is SLC Exam time table. It is the final board exam at the end of secondary level study. This examination is equally crucial among the parents. If decides the further academic track of the students. They are enrolled in different faculties according to their achievement in SLC. This exam is carried out all over the country at the same data and time. It is the exam recognized nationally and internationally. This SLC Exan time table will be helpful to the students.

SLC 2073 Practice Questions

In the year 2072 the SLC exam commenced from 18 Chaitra to 26 Chaitra 2072 BS. There were nearly six hundred thousand candidates for the exam this year. Similar to previous year, this year also number of girls’ students is more than boys.

Normally the office of controller of examination used to conduct SLC exam in the first week of Chaitra. This year due to earthquake and blockade in Indian boarder the exam was postponed for 2 weeks.

SLC Exam Time Table

This is the first batch of letter grading system. Though the government has already introduce letter grading system in technical school last year itself. As it is the first time government is going to introduce letter grading system there is curiosity everywhere. Sometime it seems that the police maker themselves are in confusion.

Official Site for Office of the Controller of Examination: 

The SLC Exam Time Table For  SLC 2073

They are frequently changing the grades. Had the training be given to the teachers of secondary level it would be better for students and parents. In some cases in the lack of proper knowledge of letter grading system teachers are also answer less with the students in this regard.

This newly introduced letter grading system has both dark and bright side. In one side there will be no failure by this system. On the other hand are all the students get chance to study class eleven? All the secondary school are feeding students for higher secondary level. But all secondary schools are not upgraded to higher secondary.

So it seems that there will be over trafficking in plus two colleges this year. Next what is the minimum grade needed to study grade eleven in different faculties? It is also not defined yet. This and similar other issues are very serious.

So for more other information and slc result keep on visiting SLC will be at the end of grade 12 by next year. Hence Grade ten will have a kind of board exam.

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