SLC Examination Result 2072.

slc result 2072

SLC result always brings a kind of wave in the education sector. It is the most waited result among the students and parents. It is the result to show the hard work done by students for ten years. S LC result is the key to open the doors of various carrier of students. Sometime SLC exam is taken as Iron Gate. After the introduction of letter grading system there will be no one fail. However in any one wish to upgrade his or her level of grade they can do so. This provision is only for the students of grade D and E. To see SLC result click below link.

This year SLC exam started two weeks late in comparison to last year exam. So mathematically the result will be two week late then last year. It is the first time students are getting result in grade system. Students are more eager to see their result in different system. The marking of the answer book of SLC goes as usual. The difference is that in this year SLC result there will not be shown the percentage they achieved.

The GPA will be awarded according to their score in the mark sheet of SLC exam. As it is the first SLC batch of grading system everyone seems to be much curious about the new system. After the result there will huge crowd in the top rank plus two colleges. It seems to be more challenging for the government to manage this mass of students. Which is sure that the existing higher secondary schools cannot accommodate all the SLC graduates. It is because there are many secondary schools in Nepal where there is no provision higher secondary study.

 It will be wise to think on it before the result of SLC 2072. If the government does not think seriously on it the future of passed mark sheet holder students will be dark. It is not wise just to copy others system. In this regard I personally feel that government has not done enough homework before its implementation. At least secondary level should be given some orientation about the grading system.

In so many cases teachers are unknown about it. How they can explain about it to their students? This is not felt by ministry of education nor by government of Nepal. Any way whatever is doe it is done at least we can manage the coming days in future. Let’s not waste the time think on it before the publication of SLC result 2072.

Result Of SLC Supplementary Examinations 2073


0042916P 0050955U 0051063Y 0051708T 0060446V 0091220L 0094532V 0151521S

0155032T 0158829U 0158837C 0161654L 0165713O 0182618T 0203870D 0204918L

0263443K 0273542V 0276333E 0280009O 0280627I 0280784J 0281217A 0281227K

0282974P 0283085W 0284889G 0315108N 0324611A 0344440R 0346900H 0346913U

0365658T 0366045Q 0381511M 0383558F 0402791Y 0445875A 0461813A 0463116D

0481232X 0483311W 0494826T 0494948L 0525212L 0531611O 0584335K 0601564B

0622313C 0622315E 0651199C 0660260P 0660908N 0712015E 0731138R 0731730L

0738767C 0803167A 0816060X 0870365O 0872181K 0902894R 1362959M


0040583W 0141619W 0158837C 0162337S 0163719W 0166070H 0167451K 0206644V

0213106J 0225427G 0225441U 0240547U 0251481I 0271518Z 0271793O 0281860T

0283482D 0290699S 0301406N 0346024P 0350488H 0351647W 0355197K 0363101K

0372235S 0372247E 0417983G 0420130V 0423074B 0426078P 0435321C 0435520T

0480968T 0530710X 0533088J 0545102L 0600282T 0675747G 0692660T 0739750X



0022217M 0040585Y 0042235K 0048672Z 0048674B 0049028R 0049706T 0095408N

0098353U 0140311O 0142886P 0152474J 0155116Z 0155271Y 0165704F 0169495A

0193175U 0202056J 0205491M 0221371G 0222876D 0226250X 0227602X 0231844B

0253512L 0270960N 0272626P 0274017C 0274747E 0275758B 0280894P 0282756F

0283569M 0283810T 0291284F 0291715U 0292517Q 0292532F 0292542P 0295431S

0298075K 0300787S 0300973W 0302262L 0303713G 0303719M 0304199Y 0306226X

0310021W 0310136H 0313056P 0314333S 0314703Y 0314788F 0316179S 0316396B

0317017Y 0317132J 0317529Q 0318715G 0320305K 0320427C 0321068T 0323598B

0324954F 0330349S 0330638V 0336113K 0344451C 0344456H 0345189M 0346090D

0346985O 0347369I 0347683K 0348548R 0353700V 0355817G 0365743A 0370366V

0371660P 0375137I 0375868L 0382947S 0400293W 0402507A 0415665C 0419186N

0420118J 0420353K 0421088R 0423323Q 0424528Z 0424531C 0430855I 0430925A

0431945G 0435580B 0450406H 0450854N 0454701M 0460121Y 0460125C 0460282D

0461192D 0461343Y 0462241M 0464873S 0480286N 0480373W 0481544X 0482408D

0483034F 0483146N 0485805U 0486189O 0493059U 0494961Y 0496057C 0520613O

0525590Z 0530695I 0530710X 0531685K 0532713Y 0542324P 0584298Z 0673025O

0675747G 0701349Y 0713497E 0714747G 0722178B 0730048T 0738339Q 0738340R

0740956H 0801178N 0802518B 0820666B 0870553U 0873333S 0873345E 0873347G

0873395C 0881110V 0881133S 0900277A 0903913W 1340400V


0040585Y 0040807M 0045740F 0091093O 0096415G 0099146H 0141616T 0143854V

0155036X 0157936L 0163187K 0166136V 0206522D 0221881W 0223306R 0252886J

0278220T 0280476N 0281208R 0283339Q 0283490L 0292844F 0294673O 0295616V

0295759I 0302881G 0303022R 0304199Y 0309470R 0310573C 0311385I 0313639A

0313641C 0314361U 0315002L 0315048F 0315788R 0316593Q 0317888L 0319610R

0321770T 0325222N 0325737I 0325990B 0333361O 0333865Y 0333918Z 0333937S

0348210R 0361970X 0364775U 0365884L 0366183Y 0370938V 0374888T 0431289A

0435510J 0448299G 0450780R 0452238T 0454519M 0460121Y 0463292X 0464528L

0482374V 0483515S 0484427U 0484977Y 0491427A 0493839U 0493946X 0494284X

0494433Q 0496060F 0532464J 0583744R 0588432Z 0600964Z 0610511E 0620011O

0650006F 0662935M 0672789M 0682305M 0685009M 0701548P 0711454P 0714822D

0732137C 0733109M 0771597U 0802075A 0802172T 0840577W 1400683K 1621554L



0040583W 0103914R 0162213Y 0163357Y 0165953U 0165954V 0166590H 0166873E

0172616B 0200171W 0224180H 0270575S 0273785E 0285114X 0285274B 0291926X

0293304X 0304478R 0304798Z 0309516L 0314819K 0315048F 0317837M 0323365C

0323367E 0346845E 0371561U 0401950P 0401953S 0401954T 0402405C 0472738F

0486739S 0487420X 0495935K 0585120P 0585377M 0586279E 0676551E 0685009M

0733216P 0738995W 0753866V 0801178N 0811086P 1152335O 1581987Q


0040807M 0048051C 0130903S 0156428L 0166136V 0169055C 0281283O 0282289G

0284042R 0306699C 0310720T 0313210N 0321306X 0321337C 0324364N 0330207G

0333361O 0333915W 0334220P 0356378V 0452829M 0461343Y 0461879O 0472855S

0676408R 0713386X 0872076J 1661612D


0042236L 0046874V 0046881C 0047178N 0047647O 0048695W 0050805A 0051882L

0099778P 0104812F 0121420Z 0140139Y 0157035U 0158471A 0192888T 0205111W

0205965S 0213911I 0214498X 0224251A 0280819S 0281256N 0281518P 0293004J

0295341G 0296009Y 0297234B 0297466Z 0299576D 0299792L 0304938J 0305821I

0306225W 0306503O 0309044H 0312264D 0316471Y 0316639K 0318801O 0321158F

0322840X 0324008V 0329297G 0333944Z 0340159A 0344440R 0344591M 0346024P

0349209C 0371495G 0381535K 0425429Q 0426063A 0432083O 0454968T 0455430N

0462857E 0482408D 0484096B 0485154T 0486379W 0494368D 0494371G 0494373I

0494374J 0494376L 0494580H 0531552H 0533323K 0585946J 0586089W 0588995Q

0665216F 1155395G



SLC  Result 2072.


0222190T 0282974P 0402261O 0487412P




0160426F 0232756D 0323321K 0344440R 0776481Q


0473136N 0583290F 0681826B





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