Sequence and Series Questions for SEE Exam !!!

Sequence and Series Questions for SEE Exam

Here we have Sequence and Series Questions for SEE exam. These are very important questions for secondary education exam students.

What is Arithmetic Sequence?

A sequence is said to be arithmetic sequence if the difference of any term to its preceding term is same throughout the sequence.

Sequence and Series Questions for SEE Exam

According to the latest curriculum of secondary education exam SEE, students have to study arithmetic and geometric series. We will discuss them parallel. Well, first let us discuss on arithmetic progression.

Nth Term of AP

The general term tn = a + (n – 1) d

  • a is first term
  • d is common difference
  • n is number of term
  • tn is the nth term or last term.

Class 12 Updated Routine

So you can calculate one variable out of given three variables in the above formula.

It means if you want to calculate first or common difference or number of terms use the same formula.

Arithmetic Mean

The number of terms between the first term and the last term is called the mean. If there are three terms, then the middle one is called the mean.

Like in the sequence 5,10,15 10 is the arithmetic mean shortly written as AM.

If a, M, b is in AP then M = a + b upon 2

Sum of n terms in AP

Here is the formula to calculate the sum of n terms in Arithmetic Progression.

Sn= n/2[ 2a + (n – 1) d]

Where the symbols have their usual meaning.

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