Complete Information About Jobs in Nepal

nepal jobs information

Here we discuss about Nepal jobs information. Jobs are much scare in Nepal. Every year thousands of people come in the labor market. In comparison to the supply the demands of job is very less. Therefore there is tough competition for every kind of jobs. Sometime job seekers are not well informed about vacancy announcement.

Nepal jobs information A Complete Manual

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Complete Information About Jobs in Nepal

So it is our attempt to give right information in right time for jobs seekers. It this article we attached the information given by Nepal government. The vacancies called in Gorkhapatra are uploaded timely in it. Beside this the private sector job announcements will be kept in this leaflet.

Sewa Aayog Ko Likhit Parikshaa Ko Natija


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Job Results

Nepal Jobs Information

  • Public Service Commission Job notices,
  • Job announced by banks in Nepal,
  • Vacancy announcement made by government authorities,
  • Different universities job announcement,
  • Teacher Service Commission job announcement,
  • Jobs notices of private schools,
  • Vacancy announced by media houses and
  • Job opportunity called by Hotels and restaurants.

Nepal Sarkar Griha Mantralaya ko Jagir Khylyo

Application Form and Curriculum Here

Similarly we include preparation materials for the jobs. In the same site you can find the Public Service Commission preparation material. There are more than three hundred questions for Teacher Service Commission

Details of Teacher Service Commission you can find at 

In the past the means of information was printing media. Now the time has changed. So no more people have to wait for newspaper for information. So we supply the information in digital form. If you have internet facility you can enjoy all the information from this platform.

PSC Nepal Official site: 

Urgent Lok Sewa Notice

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  • It is open source of knowledge.
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Due to these reasons probably GbsNote is the mega source of information in Nepal.

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