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Teaching job is supposed to be best among all other jobs. It is in the sense that teacher is a candle who burns itself to light others. In the past teachers were not paid better. But in present the payment of the teachers is not so bad in comparison to others. So there is big pressure for the Teacher Service Commission from the job seekers. Here is information about teaching job Nepal.

Teacher Service Commission Web: www.tsc.gov.np

The candidates for the teaching jobs are found in a search of a platform to share the ideas. To fulfill this desire it is our attempt. GbsNote is the one step in this regard. We provide all kinds of material for the teaching job candidates. We provide the material required for both objective and subjective types of questions.

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Questions For Teaching Job Nepal

Beside the teaching jobs we give you information about other kinds of government and private jobs. We have other posts related to jobs in Nepal. So it is our attempt to give you information about job opportunity in Nepal as soon as possible.

Sample questions helps the candidates to prepare the exam. In this article there are questions of all subjects. Sample questions give several ideas for preparation. Similarly there is collection of past papers. These past papers provides many ideas. This is the forum of TSC questions.

You get these ideas from past papers

  • Trend of questions
  • Number of questions
  • Marks distributions on different areas of curriculum
  • Revision for objective questions
  • Practice work for revision
  • Try to solve it in allocate time

Due to these several reasons you need to practice past papers. This question bank is in the digital form. It is potable for study.  Use internet in any form to get it. Make the complete utilization of this resource for your benefit.

The collection of questions makes your revision perfect.

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