SLC Questions For Compulsory Math

maths slc questions

Here are some important maths SLC questions. These are important for grade ten and SLC students. SLC  is taken as iron gate. So this article will help a lot for all SLC candidates.
2. a. Solve: √x+1=3-(√x+1)/2
b. When one third of a positive number is subtracted from its square the result is 34. So what is the number?
3. a. If ∑▒〖fx=400+2a〗 , N=18+2a and X ̅=20 , then find the value of ‘a’.

4. a. The probability of a man alive is 0.6 and the probability of his girlfriend alive is 0.4. Therefore what is the probability of both will be alive.
b. Draw a tree diagram to show all the probabilities while drawing two balls randomly in succession (without replacement) from a bag containing 7 white and 4 black balls of the same shape and size.

c.  A card is drawn from the numbered card 1 to 25. Find the probability of getting a square numbered or a cube number.

6. a. A solid metallic sphere of radius 21 cm is cut into two halves. Find the total surface area of the two hemispheres so formed.
b. The vertical height of a right circular cone is three times its diameter and its volume is 54 π〖cm〗^3. Hence find its height.
7. a. If the cost price of 10 pens equal to the selling price of 8 pens of the same kind. So Find the profit percentage.
b. The population of a city at present is 1,85,000 and its growth rate is 2% p.a. Finally what will be the population after 2 years?

10. In a survey of some people, it was found that 60 people like to drink milk, 40 do not like to drink milk, 70 like to drink tea, 15 like tea but not milk. Now using Venn diagram, find the number of students who do not like to drink both of them.

14. The ages of two girls are in the ratio 2:3, 6 years hence the ratio of their ages will be 11:15. So find their present ages.

Maths SLC Questions

16. From the top of a tower of height 61.6 m, the angle of depression to the top of tree of height 10.6 m is found to be 600. Therefore find the distance between the tower and tree.
17. The given figure is the combined solid formed by a hemisphere and a cone where diameter of the hemisphere is 12 cm and slant height of the cone is 10 cm. Hence find the volume of the solid.

19. 16 men can finish 1 work in 30 days. So when should 8 men leave the work so that it may finish in 40 days?
20. A watch is sold at Rs.4140 after allowing 10% discount on the marked price and adding 15% VAT. Hence find the discount and VAT amount.
21. At a certain rate of yearly compound interest, a sum of money amounts to Rs.66550 in 3 years and Rs.73205 in 4 years. Find the rate of interest and sum.
22. Prove that the area of triangles  standing on the same base and between the same parallel lines are equal in area.

Finally Wish you all Best of luck.

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