SEE Result 2080 !!!

How to Check SEE Results

How to Check SEE Results? It is a common question to the secondary level education examinees. They are always wondering to find the SEE exam result.

SEE Result 2080 with Grade Sheet

Students and parents can obtain the SEE exam result with grade sheet from this page. Here we give the step-by-step process to get the online SEE examination result with grade sheet.

How to Check SEE Results

There are several Nepal government’s websites for the SEE result. So, you can log in one of them. But the irony is that on the result day these websites may go down. Hence you have to know the alternative ways to get the online SEE exam results.


These are some Nepal government’s websites to provide online SEE exam results.

Nepal Telecom Web Portal

Nepal Telecom web portal is comparatively more reliable with strong server. in the early hours of result publication generally this site does not go down. It means it has high capacity to hold traffics at once.

The official website of Nepal to get SEE result is

SEE Result with Grade sheet

It has been 8 years that national examination board and the office of the controller of examination is publishing the SEE exam result in letter grading forms.

Since 2078 examination board has implemented the new letter grading system for both SEE and SLC students. Now SLC is the board exam at the end of Class 12.

Recently the examination board has amended the existing letter grading system.

SLC New Letter Grading Provision

According to the new provision the grade 12 students can appear the grade improvement retake exam for as many subjects. It means they can appear in the retake exam in more than two subjects as well.

However, in the past they can appear the grade improvement exam only for at most two subjects only.

SEE Exam Result via IVR

If you are not in the range of internet then in such case you can use this IVR system. So, to get the SEE examination result you have to dial 1600 from Nepal telecom any phones either mobile or landline then you have to follow the instructions given over there.

In this system you will not be able to get the grade sheet. Just you will know the GPA of the examinees.

SLC Result New Provision

It is very encouraging news for class 12 students. In the past if they are unable to get minimum 35 percent in theory and 40 percent in practical in more that two subjects then they have to appear all the subjects in the next year board exam. But now according to the new provision they can appear the chance exam for only the not graded subjects.

Like if certain students got NG in three subjects, then he or she can retake only these subjects. The passed subjects they need not to appear again.

At last but not the least we would like to express our best wishes to all the SEE and SLC students for their upcoming results.

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