Home Construction Bastu Shastra Tips

Home Construction Bastu Shastra

Here is Home Construction Bastu Shastra. It is good to follow Home Construction Bastu Shastra for good result.

Home Construction Bastu Shastra Tips 

You are planning for building construction? Well then read these points for good bastu. It is said that bastu is very important for good luck and prosperity of the family. Now we discuss about the different kinds of bastu for your home.

Where must be the master bed room?

The master bed room must be in south west corner. This is the symbol of happiness and prosperity of the family. Hence if the bastu of your home is not proper it causes many disturbances in the family.

Study Room in your Home                                          

The study room in your home must be in north east. The position of the study room brings peace and happiness in the family. Beside this it is not good to be the position of the study room.

Temple in your Home

It is good to have temple in your home. Beside this it is important to have temple in the right place. According to Home Construction Bastu Shastra temple must be in north east. Therefore it is always good to have pooja room in the north east position.

So we must face to east, west or north during pooja. So for this purpose the temple in our home must be in north east direction.

Power line of the sun rays enter from north east and pass through south west. So the pooja room must be in north east direction in your home.

Kitchen in your Home

The kitchen is the next important room in our house. So the position of the kitchen must be correct according to bastu. So for this your kitchen must be in south east direction. If your kitchen is not in this position it causes tension in the family.

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Therefore we highly suggest all the people to follow Home Construction Bastu Shastra while constructing home.

At the same time you must not leave unwashed utensils in the kitchen at night. So clean your kitchen properly every evening.

Position of Toilet and Bathroom in your Home

The next important part of your house is toilet. So your toilet must in south west or south. Therefore before planning for your construction think about bastu. It will give you peace and happiness in your family.

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