EDV Online Registration from UAE

EDV Online Registration from UAE

Nepali people can complete EDV Online Registration from UAE. Here is step by step process to apply dv lottery from UAE.

EDV Online Registration from UAE

All the Nepalese people living and working in UAE can fill dv lottery form. Here we have the detail procedure for DV online registration from United Arab Emirates.

On the top of this we have all the steps explained in Nepali language. We hope this piece of instruction in Nepali language helps you a lot to fill the diversity visa lottery 2022.

EDV 2022 Registration from Dubai

Are in Dubai of the UAE? Ok you are now in right place to fill the dv lottery. We suggest you to read this article carefully till the end. Do not skip the paragraph. As you know well that the even a small error makes your application disqualified for the lucky draw.

DV 2022 Registration from Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi is the next state of UAE. Hence all the procedure of dv lottery is same as Dubai.

Characteristics of Perfect DV Lottery Application form

This is the most important part of the dv lottery. If your application for is not perfect it will not be included in the lucky draw. Hence the only thing what you can do is to make your dv lottery application form perfect. Here are the characteristics of perfect dv lottery form.

  • Fill the family details correctly.
  • Supply the correct passport number, country where it is issued and expiration date.
  • Attach the correct size recent photo.
  • Old photo will not be accepted.
  • No glass in the photo.

Online DV Form 2022

The online dv lottery form is available in the official website of the state government. It is www.dvprogram.state.gov. it is the only website to apply the dv lottery online form. So to know more about the dv lottery steps see the steps given in Nepali language.

EDV 2022 Result with Winners Name list

The state governments publish the dv lottery 2022 result in the first week of May 2021. Here is the list of dv winners with their name and address. So you can check your dv result from here. if you have any question about the DV 2022 result leave your question in the comment box below.

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