5 Things More Dangerous than Smoking and Drinking Alcohol

smoking cigarettes

Smoking cigarettes and using alcohol is injurious to health. There are some other things which are more dangerous than using alcohol and smoking cigarettes.

Millions of people die every year due to smoking cigarettes. Similarly the human casualty due to use of alcohol is also very high in the world.

5 things more dangerous than smoking  cigarettes 

Over Diet

Good food habit is very essential for our health. Every year number of diabetes and heart patient is increasing. It is the result of over diet. We must eat that much food which we can burn in our body. The fatness problem is the result of over dieting.

Remaining at the same place for long time

Our body needs proper physical exercise. Due to busy life people are found remaining at the same place for many hours. If you have stay at the same place though out the day take short break time to time.

No food for long time

Today’s people are very busy. They are so busy that they have no time to eat. Due to this or that reason they have no food for long gap. It is also the next dangerous thing for human health.

So, we should take food in certain interval of time.

No good sleep

Sound sleep is very essential for good health. It often heard that Nepali people working in foreign countries just sleep for 2 hours. If you have no good sleep certainly it is the cause many diseases. Therefor rather than to run after money without sleep once think about your health.

It is said that health is wealth.

Wrongly cooked food

We must use well cooked food. Cooked food is good for our health. However, sometime foods are cooked wrongly. Like there is trend of using meat burned in fire. Such foods contain carbon which is the main cause of cancer in our body.

While preparing the food lets cook in proper way.

More Dangerous than smoking cigarettes

Do not eat too much

It is the Nepali trend that we eat too much during feast and festival. It is very bad. Similarly when we are in party we take several items which mean that we are consuming more food. Taking too much food causes heart disease.

Medical science has already proved that our evening meal must be light. At night we are completely at rest so it is wise not to consume meat fish and other heavy diet in the evening.

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