How to Remain Safe in Cold Season

Cold Season Safety Measures

Cold season safety measures are as follow. So we discuss about Cold season safety measures in detail. All of us must be aware about the Cold season safety measures.

Cold Season Safety Measures

Basically kids and old age people are hard hit in this cold season.

According to the information of the meteorological department Nepal it is the coldest year since last three years.

Patient of asthma and lungs suffer badly in such chilly cold weather.

How to Remain Safe From Flu 

Now we discuss about the domestic ways to remain safe from cold. Infants and old age people must be kept in the warm room.

But while keeping the room war we must be careful. If you are going to use kerosene heater or coal for heating the rooms do not close all the doors and windows.

Every year many people lose their life in the closed room due to lack of oxygen.

Hence it is our social responsibility to keep the general people alert about such incidents.

Please Keep the Window Open While Heating the Room

As we talk earlier never shut down all the doors and windows while burning fire or coal in the room. It is wise to keep little ventilation open even while using the electric room heater as well.

Good Foods for Cold Season

Take enough water and other hot soup during cold season. Seasonal fruits are always good for health.

During the winter it is the season of oranges so consume oranges as you desire. Take hot water with lemon.

Basically vitamin C which we get from sour fruits is very good for common cold and other cold borne diseases.

<< Good Food For Healthy Life>> Read More ……………………….

At the same time patient suffering from common cold needs enough amount of nutritious food.

We suggest you not to take expensive food items but take the healthy food items.

Regarding the healthy food items we separate article in our website. So further detail we suggest to see our previous article in this topic.

Mustard oil massage is the best way to keep safe from cold the infants. So we should not forget the good tradition of our culture.

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