The Meaning of Dream Symbols

dream symbols meaning

We are going to discuss on some common dream symbols meaning. “Dream symbols meaning” of some common dreams are given below.

Kun Rashi Ko Ley Dhaan Kahan Rakhne 

Source: Janata Samachar 

These are very common in our daily life. If you properly take care about the dreams to some extent they give us some sort of indication in our daily life.

If you dream of Elephant or Tiger

To see elephant in dream is the symbol of success. If you are in politics in may leads to the post of minister. The job holders will certainly get promotion. Students get success in their exams. Business persons will get great financial achievement.

If you dream of crossing the river

It is the symbol of success. Students will certainly pass their exam with good marks. Job holders will get chance for abroad study or promotion. Similarly the entrepreneur will get success in their planning.

If you dream of white objects

Beside cotton, ash, cooked rice and skimmed milk [mahe] all other white objects are symbol of good luck. According to eastern philosophy white objects are symbols of achievement in life.

If you dream of stepping on stool

To step on stool in the dream is the symbol of financial gain. Certainly you will get unexpected amount by any means. There is probability of winning lottery. Any way there will be gain of money after this dream.

Some More Dream Symbols Meaning

If you dream of burning fire

To see burning fire in the dream is symbol of good luck. But the fire must be smoke free. If you see fire with smoke it is not supposed to be good dream. So in such condition you must recall the name of God Vishnu for 108 times.

If you dream death of yourself

It is symbol of end of your tension. It is also called that after such dreams your life will be elongated. So such dream symbols tell good starting of new task. Hence your life will get new life after such dream.

If you dream of some naked person

It is one of the sad symbols of dream. In such dream you will get bad news from your relative. Therefore you may lose your relatives in such dreams. Hence in such dreams you will hear the news of death.

If you dream of Sun, Moon and Stars

To see sun, moon and stars in the dream is symbol of good luck. If you have some pending work it will be solved soon. Job holder will get good opportunity in their office and work.

Similarly students will gain good progress in their study. Farmers and other will get better opportunity in their respective fields.

If you dream of climbing the hills

It is the symbol of success. You get sure and certain success in your respective field. So it is also the symbol of good luck.

If you dream of some black objects, its dream symbols meaning is as follow.

According to the eastern philosophy black objects in the dream are not good. They are not good dream symbols. In such condition you must tell your dream to your junior one. Therefore such dreams may lead to bad luck in life.

Eastern philosophy tells that to make the dreams fruitful you should not sleep after the dreams. You must remain awake with recalling the names of god and goddess. But if you dream some bad symbols it is better to have sound sleep.

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