Child Labor’s Condition In Nepal

child labor

The problem of child labor in the developing countries like Nepal, Bhutan, Pakistan and Bangladesh is a burning issue today. The data shows that more than half million children are being employed in Nepal.Though it is illegal to keep children as labor.

Why Children are Out of Schools ?

The parents of poor children are compelled to send their kids for earning for their livelihood. Due to lack of knowledge and education poor people have many children. Their life become more terrible.

There some other cases which force the children to go for working. They work  at hotel and restaurants. Natural disasters like land slide, earth quake, flood etc. make many children orphans and these groups of children are also found as child labor. These children are really unfortunate as they are forced to take up jobs for food and other things.

They do their job in tea stalls, in sweet shops, in transportation as potters and handy boys. They are found as domestic workers in high rank officers throughout the country. Those who worked against child labor are sometime found keeping small kids as domestic worker in their home.

Child labor in Nepal

Though the government has already passed the bill against child labor its proper implementation is still not is practice. The problem of child labor cannot be uprooted unless their parents are aware and conscious about the future of their kids. Benefits of family planning should be taught for illiterate people of the country.

Child laborers are paid much less in comparison to matured labor so some cunning owner of factories and hotels are always looking for child labor. Poverty is the main cause of child exploitation.

In conclusion child workers in Nepal can be minimized in two ways. Firstly the economic condition of the people should be improved. Secondly the basic level education should be compulsory and easily available. The government and private sector must join hand in hand to overcome this problem. The people working for children welfare must be honest. True leaders are needed in Nepal.

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