What after SLC Exam ???

slc examinations

SLC examinations are called iron gate. The SLC examinations of this year is going to finish by April 8, 2016. There is a big confusion among the parents. They cannot decide what to do for the kids after SLC exam. Students are also not matured enough. So they cannot determine what correct way is for them. While students feel free themselves. A correct guidance is needed both for students and parents as well.

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Nearly six hundred thousand students are appearing this year exam. Billions of rupees have been invested by the government and the parents. About three months’ time is there for students after this exam. Therefore if students are not given proper care they may be misguided. It takes long time to construct but it is easy to destroy. Hence intensive care is needed to these students. Till now many students are in the hostels. From tomorrow all the boarder students of several hostels and school are going home. Parents are kindly suggested to give time to these teenagers.

What after SLC Examinations ?

From the last decade there is fashion of bridge course in the country. It is not wrong itself. In name of bridge course they should not go to cinema and swimming pool. Similarly, the students are found in pair in the parks and other public places. This grows rapidly after SLC. It is not a serious concern. In the name of friendship it should leads to wrong track. In the same time students may start smoking other bad habits. So, parents are kindly requested to check the activities of their kids. Do not provide large amount of money to your kids without any reason. Better give accompany to go for shopping if they wish.

Role of Parents towards the kids

 To be in a relationship may not be bad, but it should be in limit. Remain together during the lunch and dinner with your kids. Be friendly with your children. Ask your kids about their future aim do not compel them for any stream of study. Provide enough counseling to them. Make them mentally ready to study the subject of their choice.

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