Grade 11 Entrance Questions !!!

Grade 11 Entrance Questions

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Class 11 Entrance Exam Questions

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Grade 11 Entrance Questions [Physics]

  1. Calculate the acceleration due to gravity of the moon with the diameter   and mass.
  2. Name a phenomenon that is assumed to be occurring in the sun.
  3.  Write three advantages of using alternative source of energy.
  4. State Archimedes’s principle. Differentiate between density and relative density in two points.
  5. Write a difference between the floating and sinking of a ship in fresh water and sea water.
  6. Name a device that measures purity of milk.
  7. Define anomalous expansion of water. Write its beneficiality to the aquatic life.
  8. Calculate the specific heat capacity of water if 2 kg water at 250 C requires   heat energy to increase its temperature to 500C.
  9. Define near point, far point and range of vision for human eye. Write two points of difference between compound microscope and telescope.
  10. Write two advantages of using nichrome as a heating element.
  11. What are two differences between filament lamp and fluorescent lamp.
  12. Write two ways to increase strength of dynamo.
  13. State motor effect. Transformer works only in alternating current or voltage. Why? A power transmission line feeds input power at 2400 V to step down transformer with its primary windings having 2000 turns.
  14. What should be the number of turns in the secondary coil in order to get output voltage of 220 V?

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