Online Driving License Form !!!

Here you can fill online driving license application form. So for this you can visit Online Driving License System Nepal.

Online Form

You can submit online form to get embossed number plate from here. Just follow the instruction in the official website of department of transport management Nepal.

Apply License Online Form

Submit your online driving license from the official page of transport management department.

Online Driving License System Nepal

So, to know the status of your driving license you have to follow these steps.

  • Go to it is the official site of department of transport management Nepal.
  • Here you find various links in the right hand side of the home page.
  • Choose the Online Driving License System
  • Now you will reach to the next page.
  • There you will find the space to enter your license number and date of birth.
  • Finally submit it to check the status.

Driving License Written Exam Questions

It is the bundle of 500 written exam questions published by the DOTM.

How can I check my driving license online in Nepal?

All the driving license holders can check their license status just following the above steps. Similarly, you can check either your smart license has been printed or not from the official page of transport management department.

Is online driving license form open in Nepal?

In the past only limited number of applicants can submit the online driving license form. But, now there is no limitation of number of application. Hence you can submit your online application at any time.

How can I check my driving license smart card in Nepal?

Nepal government is trying to replace the manual driving license by the smart card. It is going on. So, if you want to renew your license you will get the smart license.

It is not necessary to go to the license office to ask whether your electronic license is ready or not. You can easily check it via the official page of transport management.

How can I renew my driving license online in Nepal?

  • Go to the official page as mentioned above.
  • Tap on the driving license tab in the face page.
  • Now complete the renewal form.
  • Pay the renewal charge via any online mode.

So, just following these steps you can renew your license.

Is my Driving License Original or Duplicate?

There are several incidents where 10 years old license which was already renewed once are called fraud by the driving license office. This is really terrible case. Hence you guys also once check your license status and find either it is true or not.

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