Class 12 Exam Notice !!!

Class 12 Exam Notice

National examination board Nepal is going to publish Class 12 Exam Notice. The exam which was schedule for August 15 is now postponed.

Class 12 Exam Routine [Updated]

Find the updated class 12 exam routine at the end of this article.

Class 12 Exam Notice

You will get the latest updates of class 12 board exam 2078 in this page. As soon as the NEB fixes the new exam schedule we will inform all our readers. Still it is not fixed yet.

Class 12 Board Exam notice is coming soon.

Is 12th Class postponed in Nepal?

Yea, national examination board Nepal in the recommendation of Nepal government has postponed the class 12 board exam. The next date of exam is not finalized. There will be certainly the board exam. But the modality of the exam may differ.

What is Class 12 exam called in Nepal?

Initially the classes 11 and 12 exams were called HSEB board exam. But now it is called National Examination Board NEB exam. Higher secondary examination board is now called NEB Nepal. The Nepal government has now different layers for high school education.

Classes from 1 to 8 is called basic level school. Similarly, classes 9 to 12 is called high school. Now there is no higher secondary level in school. Hence there is no higher secondary examination board as well.

Is see exam Cancelled in Nepal?

Actually SEE exam was not cancelled. It is evaluated by the respective subject teachers. People think that as there was no physical presence exam it is cancelled. It has been two consecutive years that there is no physical presence SEE exam.

This year also the result SEE result was haphazard in some districts. Mostly the terai based school’s result was quite unbelievable.

National examination board has just verified the result sent by the schools via district education coordination unit.   

Will there be SEE exam in Nepal 2021?

The office of the controller of examination has cancelled the SEE exam 2021. Due to the pandemic of covid 19 examination board is unable to give SEE exam physically. Hence this year also SEE students are evaluated by their respective teachers and school.

Will there be see exam in Nepal 2022?

It cannot be predicted now. All the matters depend on the situation of the corona virus. If the covid 19 pandemic remains the same perhaps there will not the physical presence exam for SEE students. You can remain with us for more information about the SEE and +2 level exams.

How can I check +2 result in Nepal?

Grade 12 result is available in the official page of national examination board Nepal. Similarly students can get the class 12 result with mark sheet from Nepal telecom official web page.

What is the Board of +2 in Nepal?

Class 12 board exam is NEB board exam. It is the only national level examination board in Nepal. It handles the high school level board exams. Basically final exam at the end of class 10 called SEE and the final exam at the end of class 12.

Probably the school leaving exam is this class 12 exam. It is like the then SLC exam.

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