How to Remain Safe From Swine Flu

Swine Flu

Well swine flu is a kind of influenza. Time and often swine flu threatens the people in the world. So if we see at the history swine flu has been the epidemic in the world. In recent days the rumor of swine flu is being spread fast in Nepal. Like in some districts schools are being closed for a week or something like that. Therefore here we are going to talk about how to remain safe for this influenza.

 How to remain safe from Swine Flu?

First of all we have to make healthy habits. Healthy habits help a lot to remain healthy. Besides this the following are some more important points to be safe from such influenza..

  1. Wash your hand with soap and water when you come back from your school, college or jobs.
  2. Do not go to the crowd unnecessarily.
  3. While coughing or sneezing keep your face covered with handkerchief.
  4. Always use neat and clean handkerchief.
  5. If the people suffering from influenza has high fever and health condition is very weak always go to the nearest hospital or health post for medical checkup.

Preventive tips for Swine Flu

Nepal is such country where negative and unwanted things spread fast. If a person loses his life due to any reason people says that he is died from swine flu. Perhaps it is due to lack of education. So do not spread the rumors of swine flu unnecessarily. Similarly next thing do not panic. Sometime our psychology works more than others. Basically teachers must guide their students properly.

Every year in the beginning and at the end of summer and winter season such kinds of influenza appears in Nepal. Though the epidemic condition such influenza is not hard but the panic of people is harder than that.

Hence we would like to suggest you all that use safe water for drinking. Take enough liquid and soups. If necessary you mask while going out from home. So if we do minimum this kind of safety we can be safe from any kind of flu.

Is there any vaccine for swine flu?

It is also heard that medical owner are selling vaccine. Such kind of activity is totally against the rule and against our health there is no any vaccine in the market for swine flu. So be careful and always remain away from such fraud activity.

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