Class 8 District Level Exam Questions

Class 8 District Level Exam Questions

Here is the collection of Class 8 District Level Exam Questions. All of us know that class 8 face district level exam.

Class 8 District Level Exam Questions

Well now we give Class 8 District Level Exam Questions subject wise. We have several other articles regarding the DLE question collection. So if you are new visitor you can once check them as well.

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Class 8 District Level Exam Questions Math

  1.  Write the degree of 4x2
  2.  Write the factor of a2-b2.
  3.  If 6x=1, what is the value of x?
  4.  Find the value of x.
  5.  Write the set notation to represent the shaded portion in the given Venn-diagram.
  6.  Write cardinal number of A= {a, e, i, o, u}
  7.  Draw a Venn-diagram for A, B and C with AB=, BC and             A
  8.  Find the square of 2.5.
  9.  Find the cube of 6.

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 Grade 8 DLE Science Questions

  1. Define fundamental unit. Convert 4500mm into meter.
  2. What is derived unit? What are the units of density and volume in SI system of measurement?
  3. Convert 1 solar day in second.
  4. If a brick is 18cm long, 8cm wide and 5cm thick, then what is the area of the smallest face?
  5. How do you find volume of a stone? Explain.
  6. Write two points of differences between speed and velocity.
  7. Define mass. How is it measured?
  8. What is acceleration? Write its formula and unit.
  9. If a vehicle travelled 3km in 5 minutes, what distance did it cover in 1 second?
  10. Two vehicles are running in the same direction. The speed of first vehicle is 10m/s and that of second vehicle is 8m/s. What is the velocity of the first vehicle relative to the second vehicle?
  11. If the velocity of a vehicle starting from rest reaches 20/s in 20 seconds, is the velocity of the vehicle uniform? Give reasons.
  12. Define element. Name the elements having atomic number 6 and 12.
  13. Write two properties of elements of group 7.
  14. Draw atomic structure of (a) Neon (b)   Write electronic configuration also.
  15. Define atom. Write the molecular weight of water.
  16. Write two points of differences between protons and electrons.
  17. Name any two medicinal plants found in
  • Terai and
  • Himalayan range.

Grade 8 DLE Exam English Questions

  1. Fill in the blanks with the correct word given in the brackets:
  2. He made ———- U-turn and vanished into the mass. (a, an, the)
  3. The woman ——— red saree is my elder sister. (with, on, in)
  4. Sita, do the work ———–. (herself, myself, yourself)
  5. When ————– them? (do you last see, you last saw, did you last see)
  6. They fell a big banyan tree, ——————-? (don’t they, didn’t they, weren’t they)

           Change the following sentences as directed in the brackets:

  1. He’s carrying two heavy boxes. (into passive)
  2. She didn’t invite any members of my team. (into positive)
  3. Namuna lost her school bag. (into Y/N question)
  4. My brother said, “I’ve posted your letter.” (into Indirect Speech)
  5. Sarala asked us if we were watching a Tele-serial then. (into Direct Speech)

Answer the following questions (text based) in your own words:

  1. Where is Aung San Suu Kyi from? What extra ordinary agreement did she make with her husband before their marriage? ( Aung San Suu Kyi)
  2. What changes did the ‘Family Reading Programme’ bring in Pakistan? ( World Education)
  3. Why did Kiran Bedi not put on a sari at work? (Cop of Big Things)
  4. When do the jungle beasts become dangerous and ferocious? (Corbett National Park)

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