2079 SEE Exam Result !!!

2079 SEE Exam Result Date

Hi Guys welcome to our SEE Result page. In this article today we are going to discuss on 2079 SEE Exam Result Date.

New Grading System for SEE Result

National Examination Board is going to implement new grading system from this year. Here is the new grading new system with grades and grade points.

SEE Exam Result is very close now. The office of the controller of examination is working to publish the result by the first week of July 2023.

2079 SEE Exam Result Date          

SEE Result 2079 2080 has published. Hence you can now check the online result via the official page of Nepal government. There are many governmental web pages for the SEE exam online result. Let us discuss on it one by one.

How to Check SEE Exam Online Result

Every year the SEE appeared students are different in the regular program. So students might be confused on it. Here are the steps to check the online secondary education exam results.

  • SEE Result in websites
  • Online SEE Exam result by SMS method
  • SEE Result by IVR method

How to check SEE result in Websites

It is the best way to check online result. As students can get grade sheet with result so it is popular method to get SEE result. Log in to www.see.ntc.net.np for the online result.

  • First of all go to the above result site
  • Enter the exam symbol number together with date of birth
  • Now submit the details for online result with grade sheet.

How to print SEE Grade Sheet

When you follow the above steps for the online result then you will get the result with grade sheet. If you have connected the printer in the computer then you can directly print the grade sheet. There you can find the print button. Just tap on this button to print the grade sheet.

If you do not have the printer connected in your computer then just take the screen shot. Past this file in the word document or paint document and save it.

Now you can carry this grade sheet in any portable devices like pen drive and print it.

SEE Result by SMS

The next alternative way to get the online SEE Exam result is SMS method.  This will give you only the final GPA obtained by the student. You cannot get the grade sheet in this SMS.

Is SEE Result 2080 out?

The SEE exam result 2080 is now almost ready to publish. The office of the controller of examination is now at the final checking of the result. As soon as the cross checking will be over the examination board meeting will publish the result.

SEE Result Passed Percentage

Though people say that letter grading system is no fail system but in fact it is challenging then the percentage system. In the percentage system of SEE or SLC the pass percent was just 32 but now student must secure minimum of 35 percent in theory and 40 percent in practical. It is clear that the pass mark has now changed from 32 to 35.

SEE Examination Result by tomorrow

The gestation period is now almost over. It is like tomorrow to publish the SEE exam results. Now the students are in both excited as well as nervous situation.

National Examination board Class 10 section publishes the SEE result by tomorrow.

Online SEE Result Providing Facility

We provide the free service to the needy students. If you are not able to check the SEE exam result then send us your exam symbol number and date of birth. Our team will give you the result with grade sheet.

We Give Result with Grade Sheet

If you are not able to see your online result from the websites then provide us the exam details. We will give you the result with grade sheet. We have been doing this for many years. Feel free to contact us for any other issues related to secondary education exam.

List of SEE Result Providing Websites

Just few days before the SEE result, the examination controller office publishes the list of websites for the online result. We will make that list available in this page. Hence remain with us for the online SEE result with grade sheet.

Number of Students in Different Grades

During the pandemic in two consecutive years the NEB was unable to give the SEE board exam. In that period students were evaluated by the respective subject teachers.

Similarly the result was haphazard at that time. The schools sent the random result to the examination board. At that time there were more than 1000 students with Average GPA 4.

How Many Students Got 4 GPA this year?

Number of students getting 4 GPA in SEE result 2080 is more than SEE result 2079. The exact data is yet to come. NEB will give all these details soon after the result publication.

Numbers of Students in GPA A+

We will try to give the exact number of students in different grades. Soon after the result we will attach the details of the result in this page.

Finally we would like to express our best wishes to all the students for their upcoming SEE board exam result 2079 2080.

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