World Geography PSC Questions

World Geography PSC Questions

World Geography PSC Questions i.e. Public service commission Nepal world geography questions are available here.

Local Level PSC Nepal Model Questions

World Geography PSC Questions

Well today we are going to talk about World Geography PSC Questions. Basically we focus here for the upcoming local level public service commission Nepal exams.

There are nearly four lakh forty two thousand applicants for the local level ten thousand vacancy. So here we provide the preparation materials for this group of applicants.

PSC Nepal world geography questions for Local Level Exam

World geography is the topic for both level four and level five exam paper. Hence the candidates of Kharidar and Na Su find this question collection useful for their exam.

Some Important Questions for Local Level PSC Nepal Exams

Similarly if you have any more questions about it please leaves the question in the comment box below.

Some Important Questions about World Geography

Geography is the one of the important chapter in the PSC Nepal exams. So the candidates of this local level PSC Nepal exam have to face the questions about it.

Therefore we have good collection of important questions about world geography.

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How to Prepare PSC Nepal Exams?

Here are the few tips for the public service commission Nepal applicants. These tips are well experienced subject expert suggestions. So if you simply follow these tips it will be much helpful for your exam preparation.

  • Make a time table for your study.
  • Always follow vertical learning habit.
  • Vertical learning means go to the depth in your subject matter.
  • Instead of covering more area go to the depth of the study.
  • Make habit of regular and steady study.

We have separate article about exam preparation tips. Hence for more details you can refer our previous articles in lok sew Aayog.

Daily Questions for PSC Nepal Exam

We are now trying to give series of questions for each topic. So we are now expecting the positive and constructive suggestions in this regard.

Best time for the Study

It depends on your habit however it better to get up early in the morning. So in this regard we want to remind on proverb.

Early to bed early to rise makes man healthy wealthy and wise

According to the research on memory power it is proved that the study in the early morning is better than late night.

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