TSC Neapl IQ Questions for Secondary Level

PSC Officer Mathematics IQ

PSC Officer Mathematics IQ Questions are available here. Here we provide online PSC Officer as well as TSC IQ Questions.

TSC Nepal New Curriculum

According to the New curriculum of teacher service commission Nepal they have to face the GK and IQ questions. Hence to fulfill this demand here are some IQ questions of mathematics.

TSC Nepal GK Questions

We are working to prepare the series of general knowledge questions for the first phase exam of teacher service commission Nepal. So we want to first collect the view of our visitors that what kind of online course do they like.

PSC Officer Mathematics IQ Questions

Third class officer first phase exam consist of Mathematics IQ questions as well. Here are some questions for mathematics IQ.

  • How many students scored less than 80?
  • i)15                           ii) 10                       iii) 20                      iv) none of these
  • What percentage of students scored the marks more than 40 and less than 80?
  •  i)30                         ii) 50                       iii) 60                      iv) 35
  • In the pass marks of 40 if 10 percent students were failed what is the total number of students in the survey?

  i)  25                     ii) 20                       iii) 30                      iv) none of these

This is the online test for officer level preparing students. We will provide the correct answer of this test next day.

Concept of Statistics for the first Paper Questions

Basically there will be questions from statistics. Average or mean is the basic measure of central tendency. It provides the basic idea of the given data. Mostly government uses this tool to get the idea of the condition of the people in certain part of the country.

PSC Offficer English Questions

However it is very basic so it is easy to calculate but gives the rough idea only not the concrete.

How to Calculate Mean i.e. Average?

Mean is obtained by dividing the sum of all the items in the collected data by the number of data. Nepal government uses this tool in the population census widely to get the different parameters like income, purchasing power, birth rate etc.

Mathematical Formula to Calculate Mean or Average

While calculating mean, add the data properly for the correct result. Many candidates are failed in the matter. Hence we strongly suggest multiplying and adding the data correctly.

So for daily online Mathematics test just remain in touch with us.

Finally, wish you all very best of luck for your upcoming exam; hope seeing you again in your next mathematics test.

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