US Immigration Online Application Form

US Immigration Point System

State government is planning to implement US Immigration Point System very soon. According to the concerned sources US Immigration Point System will terminate the existing DV Lottery. So the details of the US Immigration Point System will come soon. As soon as the notice of US Immigration Point System will come we will inform you all via our Facebook fan page.

What is US Immigration Point System?

Well this US Immigration Point System is quite similar to Canada fast track immigration. So if you are interested to live and work Canada please on go through this article. Therefore the US Immigration system will be somehow similar to the existing Canada Immigration. The more details of this new system are yet to come. So far it is learned that after the point system for America migration the EDV lottery will be automatically closed.

Why is DV lottery going to be closed?

The number of migrant in USA is growing day by day. That was the time when there were few migrants from the world in America. At that time America was looking for more migrants basically from developing countries to fulfill the demand of labor market. But now the situation is different. Therefore state government wants to take only the skilled manpower for the country. On the other hand there will not be the scarcity of skilled workers for the point system application. Hence looking all these conditions I guess Trump’s government is planning to shut down the dv lottery scheme.

Online Immigration Application Form

Here is the detail of the online application form for US immigration. It is more or less similar to Canada immigration. So just follow the instruction you get after downloading the online form. It is easy to fill the form but you must give the true data while filling the form.

How to Apply for US Immigration Point System?

This US Immigration Point System is online application. So the interested person can apply form online. It is not necessary to go to the agents for the application. When the state government opens the application form we will inform you by our Facebook page.

How to Add the Points for US Immigration?

The points for the immigration will be based on your qualification and experience. Similarly it depends on the education of your spouse. On the top of this there will be certain point for your work experience.

When Will the US Immigration Point System form Opens?

It is learnt for the concerned source that state government will soon announce the form for US immigration. This application will be totally online application. At the same time you can easily download the application form over here.

Steps to Fill the Online Application

This online application is easy to fill. However if you have any confusion you can follow the steps given here.

NB: America Immigration form is online form. So do not go after any agents.

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