Choose Best Profession by Destiny Number !!!

Choose Best Profession by Destiny Number

You can Choose Best Profession by Destiny Number. Here we give the details about destiny number calculation and related successful professions.

Zodiac Lucky Days and Color

Know your lucky number and color according to your Zodiac sign.

Your destiny number is very important in your life. Hence keep all the details fresh and safe.

Choose Best Profession by Destiny Number

Before discussing about the profession based on your destiny number let us know how to calculate destiny number from your date of birth.

Destiny Number Calculation from Date of Birth

First of all, write down your date of birth in AD. Now add all the digits of your date of birth. If it is two digits number then add the digits. Repeat it until you get single digit. The example is given below.

Best Professions for different Destiny Number

Your destiny number lies between 1 to 9. Well let us now discuss on the best professions for different destiny numbers.

If your destiny number is 1

People having destiny number 1 does not want to work under other. You can work as CEO or government job. The destiny number 1 will be successful in their own business or self-employment.      

Destiny Number 2

If you get destiny number during the calculation then you are creative person. You love singing and arts. Similarly, people with destiny number 2 are better in public relation. Astrology is good for this number.

Destiny Number 3

If you obtain your destiny number 3 in your birth date calculation then teaching can be your best profession. Similarly, such persons are lucky to be trainer as well. You have good communication skill. Public speaking and consultancy business is very good for such people.

Destiny Number 4

If you have destiny number 4 then you are lucky in the technical field like programming and engineering. Stock market is good for such persons. At the same time people with destiny number 4 are lucky to be an army.

Destiny Number 5

If your destiny number is 5 then you are successful in travelling jobs. Like driving, pilot etc. Public speaking and journalism are other best area for such persons.

Destiny Number 6

People with destiny number 6 are lucky enough to be fashion designers. Similarly, doctors and interior designers’ professions are other successful areas for such persons. Hotel and restaurant business are also good for destiny number 6.

Destiny Number 7

If you have destiny number 7 then you are successful in research sector. You luck to be doctor or in Yajurveda. Similarly, the other luck areas for destiny number 7 are astrology and detective. You are really mysterious person.

Destiny Number 8

People with destiny number 8 are lucky in banking sector. Science and technology are the next successful areas for these group of people. Finance related jobs and government jobs are also good for number 8.  

Destiny Number 9

If your destiny number is 9 then you are energetic person. NGO and government jobs are good for you. Real estate business is good for number 9. Police related jobs are good. Engineering related jobs are good for such persons.

In the next article we will be discussing on destiny number calculation by your birth name. till that stay safe and stay happy.

The most important part is hard work to be successful in any job or profession. Hence what ever is your destiny number results keep on working hard for successful life.

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