Nepal Gold Rate, Gold Rate Nepal

nepal gold rate

Nepal Gold Rate, Gold Rate Nepal

Know the today’s Nepal gold rate. Get the latest Nepal gold rate. In Nepal the gold rate is always fluctuating. So the market price of gold is changing day by day. The gold rate has touched its upper most limit once at rupees 62 thousand per tola. But nowadays it is near about 54 or 55 thousand per tola. Basically the gold rate in Nepal is determined by various factors. Mostly the international market rate and dollar exchange rates determine the price of gold in Nepal.

Nepal Gold Rate, Gold Rate Nepal

So to find the daily update of gold price in Nepal, there is website names Nepal Gold Rate. Here you can find the daily updates of gold rates in Nepal. It is useful for all the concerned to the gold in Nepal. Consumer, business persons and gold marketer will feel ease by the use of this site.

What affects the price of gold in Nepal?

There are many factors affecting the gold price in Nepal. According to the theory of economics the price in the market is set by demand and supply. So to some extent it applies in gold market in Nepal. It is said that there is always low supply of gold in the market as compared to the demand.

Some other factors of changing gold rate in Nepal

  1. Generally the gold price increases with the decrease in the dollar exchange rate
  2. Demand and supply also affects the gold price in Nepal

Today’s gold price in Kathmandu is given at the side of this article.

Gold Price in Kathmandu

Gold price in Kathmandu, gold price in whole Nepal is fluctuating daily. Although gold price changes every hour in international market it is stable for a day in Nepal. Gold price in Kathmandu, gold price in Nepal is little bit constant nowadays. There is no significant change in gold price in Kathmandu today.

Gold price in Kathmandu is rupees five hundred cheaper than other part of the country. It may be due to transportation costs and other risks factors. Gold price in Kathmandu is updated daily so that buyers will get more ideas about gold price.

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