How to Teach Maths In Interesting Way ???

teaching maths

Teaching maths using IT is today’s need. While Mathematics is supposed to be abstract subject.  Sometimes it is said that there is no area of interest in mathematics. While sometimes teachers are also found to be upset in this regard. And students are found saying that mathematics has no interesting area.

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To overcome all this here is an attempt. Hence it tries to prove that mathematics is an interesting subject. First of all we teacher must try to link the mathematics in our daily life. While teaching mathematics let’s try to make it more practical. Whenever and where ever it is possible we must give firsthand knowledge to the students.

teaching maths

 For the moment if you are teaching area and perimeter to the junior students, take them to the field and ask them to find the perimeter of football ground or something else. This can give the more impressive knowledge to the students. It can motivate the students.

The motivation is the major part of teaching and learning. Mathematics teaching can be made more effective if you are able to link use of math in our daily life.

Today’s world is the world of information and communication so the use of IT is growing. So if we math teachers are able to use IT in our teaching learning process it will be much useful. Therefore same lesson and content if presented in different ways it gives different taste. So let’s try to use IT in our teaching learning process.

IT in teaching maths  is most in this twenty first century. There are many beauties of math. Let’s use them in our class room. Instead of traditional methods of teaching lets us modern techniques based on IT.

How to use IT in teaching Maths ?

Here is some useful YouTube math video’s link. These videos can some time make the mood of the students fresh. Hence it can help the students to be motivated towards mathematics. These videos show how we can make mathematics more interesting. If we math teachers are able to motivate students towards mathematics it will be a great job.

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