Three Options after SEE for the Students

see students three options

Here we discuss about the SEE students three options after SEE examination.

We will discuss about the SEE students three options one by one. The office of the controller of examination has recently published the SEE results. SEE is the new name for the then SLC exam.

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After the amendment in the education act the school leaving certificate SLC exam will be in grade 12. Though the name of SLC is changed to SEE but rest of the things is same.

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So it is some time called old wine in new bottle in our society. However, students are again in rush to find their future after SEE exam.

Therefore we are going to talk about the three options after SEE for these students. We hope that this article will help the SEE students to find their road map for the higher study.

SEE Students Three Options

Since last year the grade 10 board exam result is in letter grading system. We have several articles about the letter grading system in our website.

So if you have any confusion about the letter grading system please go through them. There are certain criteria about faculty selection in grade 11.

We have already discussed about it in our previous article. The three options after SEE exam are as follow.

  • Grade 11 study under national examination board Nepal
  • Technical and vocational training under CTEVT
  • International degree under Cambridge University

Grade 11 study

Majority of the students go to this option. It is because there are several faculties in grade 11.

In some cases student goes to medicine and engineering study after completing their pure science grade 12 study. Hence you can choose your own interest faculty in grade 11.

Technical and vocational training under CTEVT

This second option is best for the self-employment. If you study non-technical stream you are the job seeker but if you go to technical are you can be self-employed.

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Therefore according to your desire and the demand of the nation you can take the technical and vocational training under CTEVT. This CTEVT provides numerous kinds of technical and vocational training.

International degree under Cambridge University

GCE A Level study is the international degree under Cambridge University in Nepal. Three dozen colleges are fostering this A level study in Nepal. So students having the desire for abroad study in future can opt this option.

Finally whatever option you choose or where ever you study the main thing is your devotion in the study. If you study with burning desire then success always follows you.

You need not to search for the success. Rather than that success you follow you.

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