SEE 2074 Grade Sheet with Result

SEE 2074 Grade Sheet

Here we provide the steps to download the SEE 2074 Grade Sheet. It is the easiest ways to get SEE 2074 Grade Sheet.

SEE 2074 Result with Grade Sheet

For Online Grade Sheet follow the following steps.

  • Go to
  • Enter your symbol Number and date of birth.
  • Finally submit for the Grade Sheet.

National examination board Nepal has published the SEE 2074 result today. This is second batch of SEE exam getting the result in grades. The detail about the grade is given below.

Obtained Percentage Grade Explanation Grade Point
90 – 100 A+ Outstanding 4.0
80 – 90 A Excellent 3.6
70 – 80 B+ Very Good 3.2
60 – 70 B Good 2.8
50 – 60 C+ Above Average 2.4
40 – 50 C Average 2.0
20 – 40 D Below average 1.6
1 – 20 E Insufficient 0.8
0 N Not Graded 0

SEE 2074 Grade Sheet Detail

At the same time here we give you the sample of the SEE exam grade sheet. There are different ways to find the SEE exam result. One of the reliable ways is the official website of national examination. So, just login to for the result and to download the SEE 2074 grade sheet.

What to Study After SEE?

The next challenge for the parents and students is to find the better faculty for the kids to study grade 11. So for this purpose we have separate article. Therefore if you are visiting us for the first time please check our articles related to the faculty selection in grade 11.

Grade 11 Entrance Exam Guide

The next part of the SEE graduate students is how to prepare the grade 11 entrance exam. So for this purpose we have entrance capsule for the grade entrance exam. Here we have entrance questions for science students. Similarly we have entrance guide for management students too.

The Best Faculty for Grade 11

None of the faculty is worst. Every faculty of study itself is good. The only thing is that you must do best where ever you go or whatever you study. So our kind request to all the students is study the subject which you could do your best.

Finally we would like to express our best wishes to all the SEE 2074 batch students.

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