Check SEE Exam 2074 Grade Sheet l SEE Result with Grade Sheet

SEE Exam 2074 Grade Sheet

SEE Exam 2074 Grade Sheet is available here. So just entering your exam symbol and date of birth you can check the SEE Exam 2074 Grade Sheet. It is new practice in Nepal.

SEE Exam 2074 Grade Sheet Check it

Well to find SEE Exam 2074 Grade Sheet be ready with secondary education examination symbol number and date of birth. So for this purpose first go to the official website of examination controller Sanothimi Bhaktapur.

For Online Grade Sheet

  • Go to
  • Enter exam symbol number and date of birth.
  • Finally submit for the Grade Sheet

There you will see one dialogue box. In that dialogue box enter the exam roll number and date of birth. Finally click on submit button after providing all the necessary details.

The then SLC Examination

In the past there was no grading system in similar type of exam. It was called SLC. Commonly it was named as Iron Gate. But now no more the SEE exam is Iron Gate. There is no pass and fail category in the letter grading system.

However students with very low grade can retake the grade upgrading exam which commence soon after the SEE result publication.

Grade Upgrading Examination

Students with grade E and D in maximum two subjects can retake the exam to upgrade their grades. So for this purpose they do not have to fill the new exam form. They will be taking the exam in the same symbol of the main SEE exam. Similarly the office of the controller of examination also tries to publish the result as soon as possible so that the students can enroll the grade 11 in the same academic year.

How to Correct the Name and Date of Birth in the Grade Sheet

Well there are several cases where the name of the student is misspelled or date of birth is misprint. So in such case students have to give application for the correction. We have separate article related to this topic. Hence instead of repeating the content over here I suggest you to check that article in our website.

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