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Pokhara Best hotels

Here is the detail about Pokhara best hotels. If you are looking for the knowledge about Pokhara Best Hotels then you are in right place. Pokhara is the center of attraction for both domestic and international tourists. So many people are looking for the information about Pokhara best hotels.

Pokhara Best hotels in Details

There are all kinds of hotels and restaurants in Pokhara. Ranging from ordinary non star hotels to 5 star hotels you can find in Pokhara. There are deluxe as well as non-deluxe hotels in Pokhara. There are more than 250 tourist category hotels and lodges in Pokhara of which two (the Fulbari Resort and Pokhara Grande) are ranked 5-star. Pokhara provides lodging and fooding from backpackers to deluxe ranges.

List of Best Hotels in Pokhara

The Fulbari Resort & Spa Pokhara                           NPR11, 949

Hotel Barahi                                                                  NPR1553

The Hotel Grand Holiday Pokhara                           NPR1035

Hotel Trekkers Inn                                                      NPR1677

The Hotel Travel Inn                                                    NPR994

Sacred Valley Inn                                                        NPR11, 949

Hotel Barahi                                                                 NPR2504

The Silver Oaks Inn                                                    NPR1936

Hotel Himalayan Inn                                                 NPR3106

The Hotel Adam                                                            NPR2484

Kotee Home Hotel                                                      NPR7419

Hotel Pokhara Grande                                               NPR10,932

The Lake Side Retreat                                                NPR11,879

Glacier Hotel & Spa Pokhara ,                                  NPR9244

Shangri la Village Pokhara                                        NPR3934

Hotel Middle Path & Spa                                           NPR1822

Hotel New Pokhara Lodge                                        NPR10,832

Atithi Resort & SPA                                                   NPR3975

Tourist Residency                                                      NPR3975

Pokhara Choice Inn                                                   NPR1988

Beside these there are many other hotels in Pokhara and nearby areas in Pokhara. Some of them are as follow.

Hotel Dream Pokhara                                          NPR1822

The Hotel New Pokhara Lodge                          NPR2070

Hostel Kiwi Backpackers                                     NPR2070

Fire on the Mountain                                           NPR2259

Hotel Orchid                                                          NPR2681

The Hotel Snowland Pokhara                            NPR3002

Hotel Splendid View                                            NPR3934

The Hotel Middle Path & Spa                             NPR3975

Hotel Utsab Himalaya                                          NPR3975

The Hotel Stay Well                                              NPR5366

Mum’s Garden Resort                                          NPR7246

Some more hotels in Pokhara Valley

Hotel Garden

Sun Shine Hotel

Hotel Center Lake

Namaste Lodge

Hotel Trek and Climb

Banana Garden Lodge

TARA Boutique Hotel

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