How to Reach Rara Lake Nepal?

rara lake nepal

Rara Lake Nepal is the biggest Lake of Nepal. The Rara lake Nepal lies in Mugu district of Nepal. The length of Rara Lake Nepal is 5 km. similarly its breadth is 3 km. Rara Lake Nepal is the deepest lake of Nepal. Rara Lake is at the altitude of 2990 m from sea level. There are several ways to reach Rara Lake. So the easiest and safest ways to reach Rara Lake Nepal are as follow.

How to Reach Rara Lake Nepal?

  • By airplane

  • Rara Lake Nepal by private vehicles

  • By public buses

  • Rara lake Nepal by trek

Rara Lake by Airplane

You can easily reach Rara Lake by airplane. There are several airlines providing the airplane service for Nepaljung to Talcha of Mugu district. So after reaching to Talcha airport it is simply one and half hour walking distance to reach the nearest Point of Rara Lake. It is the simplest and easiest way to reach Rara Lake.

Rara Lake by private vehicles

If you are thinking about using your private vehicle to reach the Rara Lake it can be the next alternative. However, the driver must be careful. It is because the hilly single lane road is very much risky to travel. But it is the most adventurous journey so far I guess. Still using private vehicle to reach the Rara Lake cannot be ignored.

By public buses

There is regular public bus service from Nepaljung and Surkhet to Gamgadi. Gamgadi is headquarter of Mugu district. You can get off at Talcha airport 9 km ahead of Gamgadi. But the travel in such public buses is not so much comfortable. Basically these buses are for the local transportation.

Rara lake by trek

If you are fond of trekking, you can reach Rara by trek. So, trekkers can use short cut ways rather than motor able roads. This type of trekking has its own values. So the famous Rara Lake trek will be memorable in your group.

For more details about Rara Lake you can contact to this cell No 9846038405.

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