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dv result

Here we are going to discuss about DV result. DV Result for 2020 will be published in May 2019.

So this article provides you easy steps to check the EDV Result.

Check EDV Result, DV Result

You need your conformation and English date of birth to check the EDV result. Go to the official site of dv lottery

On the next step you have to click on check status button.

Finally you will see the dialogue box as shown below. So here you have to fill the required details like conformation number, date of birth and last name or family name.

There are four boxes in this dialogue box. The first box consists of conformation number. Here you have to give the conformation number which you have given when you filled the edv lottery.

Similarly the second box asks you about your family name or sure name. So give your family name in this dialogue box.

The third box asks you about your date of birth. Fill the English date of birth which you have given while filling the edv lottery.

Here you must provide the exact name which you have given during the edv lottery application form.

In the last step you have to verify the authentication number. There you the authentication number just repeat the letters and numbers over there.

Lost Conformation Number

You have given a confirmation number during the form fill up process of edv lottery. So to check the edv result you need to enter this number.

In case if you have not recorded or forget your conformation even you can check your edv result.

There is conformation number lost option in the dialogue box just follow it.

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