Visit Nepal 2020

Visit Nepal 2020

Nepal is going to observe Visit Nepal 2020. So we are here to provide the details about Visit Nepal 2020.

Visit Nepal 2020

Nepal has multicultural society. Though there is diversity in the society there is equally unity in this diversified community. Hence for all kinds of tourist Nepal is the best place to visit. Like pilgrimage can visit the birth place of Lord Buddha and many more.

Lumbini the Birth Place of Lord Buddha

People who want to learn more about Buddha can visit Lumbini area. Lumbini itself has very big area. There is famous Maya Devi temple. Similarly in this premises there are many monastery built by different countries. It is unique place to visit.

Chitwan National Park

Chitwan National Park is the combination of fauna and flora. So the lovers of the nature find it very much interesting in their visit. The main feature of this national park is the one horned rhinos. It is also the habitat of many other wild lives. Hence it is very interesting to go elephant ride in the national park.

The tourist interested in wild life finds National parks like Chitwan National park much interesting in their Nepal visit.


Pokhara is the one of the most beautiful city of Nepal. The image of Fishtail Mountain in Fewa Lake is quiet lovely. Hence every year millions of tourists visit Pokhara. If you miss Pokhara in your Nepal visit then your visit will not be complete.

Hence rather than expressing the beauty of Pokhara in words we would like to suggest the entire domestic as well as international tourist to see Pokhara yourself.

Rara Lake in Mugu District

Rara is the biggest lake of Nepal. It is very beautiful lake. Similarly the lake is neat and clean. As the lake is in the Rara national park there is no pollution in the lake. The beauty of lake can never be expressed in the words. The beautiful flowers surrounding the lake increase the beauty of the lake. More about Rara Lake.

Mount Everest

Everest is the highest mountain in the world. It is the attraction for the climbers from the world. Those who are interested in mountaineering expedition find Everest the best destination. Mount Everest itself is enough to describe its name and fame.

Kathmandu Valley

Kathmandu is the city of temples. There are many world heritage sites in Kathmandu valley. The ancient art and culture is reflected in the wood carving in these temples. Hence the tourist interested in art and culture finds Kathmandu valley great place to visit.

Trek to Annapurna Conservation Area

Trekking round Annapurna conservation area is very famous trekking route in the world. The tourist loving trekking and adventurous activities can enjoy this route in their Nepal visit. Similarly many home stay and hotel restaurants are offering discount package targeting visit Nepal 2020. 

These are the some important points to visit in your Nepal stay. However there are many more interesting points and places to visit in your Nepal visit. Hence we hereby would like to suggest to make your holiday trip to Nepal in 2020.

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