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New York City of America is the most populated city in the world. The number of people living per square kilometer in New York is very high.

This City is also famous for skyscrapers in the world. There are very tall and huge buildings in New York.

Languages Spoken in New York City

It is said that 800 languages of the world are spoken in this city. So there are people from almost all countries of the world. Therefore the main language of communication is English in New York.

Some Facts about New York City

  • The city was originally called New Amsterdam.
  • The city was founded in 1625.
  • The historians claim that the first settlers arrived in 1624.
  • Most of the initial colonists were Dutch.
  • The first settlers established their camp on Governor’s camp.

New York is the center of New York metropolitan area. This city is also called NYC. According to US census bureau around 8,550,405 people live in the area of 305 square mile. Hence the most densely populated city of United States. It is also the center for music, art, commerce, entertainment and many more. Similarly fashion, research, technology and education is equally flourished in New York City.

New York City’s Economy

New York is the hub for international business and commerce. In 2012 it was ranked at the top most level by the Global Economic Power Index published by The Atlantic. This is the main city in United States for banking and finance.

Similarly it is main hub for tourism, real state and transportation in USA. Nearly 500 corporations have their headquarters in this city. Similarly there are number of foreign corporation in New York. Like one out of ten private sector job goes for these corporations.

Primary and Secondary Education in New York

The New York City public school system is managed by New York City department of Education. It is the largest public school network in United States.

Hence there are 1.1 million students in 1700 primary and secondary schools. Also there are nine types of special education in this city. Apart from this there are 900 private schools in this city.

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