Fast Green Card Process

green card process

Green card process, in most cases is lengthy and complex process. Green card is a permanent resident card in United States.

Here we discuss the step by step green card process. This green card allows you to live and work in United States. Though the card is not green in color it is called green card because it used to be green in the past.

There are several ways to get green card. These are the most common green card process.

Fast US Green Card Process

  • Employer based green card
  • Family based green card
  • Political asylum based green card
  • Adoption based
  • Diversity lottery based

You can find details about green card in its official site

Now Permanent Residence in Denmark

Similar to USA EDV now you can live and work in Denmark under work and residence visa for more details see this.

Employer based green card

Green card holders are the non US citizen authorized to live and work in United States. There are several ways for green card process. Among them employer based green card is one of it.

If there is no US citizen to carry out certain job in such case the employer can recommend the employee for green card process. It should be verified by the department of labor of USA. So under such condition on can get green card.

Family based green card

Green card holder in US can sponsor their nearest family members for green card. However you must prove that you can afford for the cost of sponsored relative. At the same time you must submit the proof of relationship.

Political Asylum based green card

Asylum may be granted to the people who are already in USA and are not willing to return their home land because of religious, political and other reasons.

The refugee act of 1980 regulates the asylum policy in United States. So under this category you have to file the case in the court. After the decision of court you may be granted the green card.

Adoption based

Adoption is also the next green card process in US. If any native US resident adopts the non US citizen as their adopted son or daughter these kids are eligible to get green card.

Diversity lottery based

The easiest green card process is diversity lottery. It is well known as EDV LOTTERY worldwide. Every year state government selects nearly 50000 people from different countries under diversity lottery program.

The winner of this lottery program will be directly granted by green card. The spouse and children of lottery winner are also eligible to live United States. Every year many Nepali people are migrating united states under this scheme.

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