Poultry History of Nepal


Here we discuss about Nepal poultry history. Needless to say, Nepal is an under developed country. Illiteracy is one of the main causes of its backwardness. Except some cottage and small scale industries, Nepal has entered in the field of large scale industries since 1994 BS. Thus, Nepal’s industrial history is not long enough more than 5 to 6 decade. Poultry is the fast growing industry in Nepal.

People kept indigenous fowl in their home for the purpose of chicken meat and eggs before 1950. Since then Nepal has slowly entered in the field of commercial poultry. In the last few years the number of poultry keepers is decreasing annually due to increase in load shedding and spread of bird flue disease in Nepal and other Asian country. The data of the Annual Report of District Animal Office Kaski provides the clear picture about it. The growth rate of meat is 7.23 percent and growth rate of chicken is 67 in the fiscal year 2066/067 in comparison to previous year 2065/066. This business of the country as a whole is seen gradually increasing for this fiscal year.

According to the various annual report of District Animal Service Office Kaski (DASOK). The situation  in Kaski for last 5 years is shown in the following table.
The Growth of Poultry in Kaski
Fiscal year                         Broiler Growth                                   Layers Growth
062/063                              823580                                                  91611
063/064                             750178 -73402                                     83656 -7955
064/065                              543790 -206388                                69795 -13861
065/066                              538090 -5700                                     73749 3954
066/67                                899191- 361101                                    75997- 2248

In the fiscal year 2062/063 the total no of broiler and layers was 823580 and 91611 respectively in Kaski district. Then after when the rumor of bird flue spread in Nepal gradually the poultry farming decline. The above table gives the clear picture about it. However in the fiscal year 2066/067 the conditions improved satisfactorily.

According to DASOK in 2066/067, 6765.26 tons of meat was produced in Kaski. At present Nepal is self-dependent on both eggs and chicken meat. More- over Nepal exports chicken to her neighbor India.
Nepal became self-sufficient on poultry product as it expand its production as an agro industrial farm in all the urban areas of Nepal. People are investing billions of rupees in Chitwan district only.
Nepal can earn foreign currency through the export of poultry products, if proper attention is given about its technical aspect for large scale and quality production.
The Growth of Egg Production in Kaski
Year                                                        Egg Production Growth
062/063                                                             21897
063/064                                                             20077 191
064/065                                                             16751 3326
065/066                                                             17700 949
066/67                                                                18239 539

Nepal Poultry History

The contribution of poultry was 2.9 percent in GDP of Nepal. It contributed 7.5 percent in the total contribution of agriculture. Almost 1 hundred 90 thousand people (including farmers and entrepreneur) were employed in this sector. The yearly transaction of chicken meat in Nepal was around 5.11 billion rupees. Similarly the transaction of shell eggs amounts to Rs1.54 billion. Indirectly hundreds of thousand people are getting employment through poultry in Nepal.

However, the future of Nepal in the field of commercial poultry business is bright. At present Nepal is self-sufficient for poultry products. Nepal should be able to produce good quality eggs and chicken for the export in foreign markets for more employment opportunities and foreign currency.

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